“Yard” Denies She Knocked On “Boy” Pakorn’s Bedroom Door

Becoming a victim of Sor 7, “Yard” Yardthip was said to be brave and shameless for knocking on a male friends bedroom door. The male friend mentioned is no one other than same channel actor, “Boy” Pakorn who was taking a break and resting on the set of one lakorn set. Before all of this both had rumors of a supposed fling already. This news is of much interest to the media, but “Yard” replied cheerfully and with a smile and said that this isn’t true at all. This news is not harsh to her because she has been in the entertainment industry for so long and she’s had her fair share of harsh news, but the news about her knocking on “Boy’s” door is normal for her.

She is not afraid also to be looked upon as the 3rd hand of destroying the relationship between “Boy” Pakorn and his ex, “Nong Oie“. But “Yard” isn’t finished when she openly said that she thinks “Boy” is cute and he’s every girl’s type of man and including herself!

[Source via Entertain Teenee/INN News]

7 responses to ““Yard” Denies She Knocked On “Boy” Pakorn’s Bedroom Door

  1. OOooOOOO I’m So Loving Her Response…. Go Yard!!! I Mean Why Try To Hide It When It’s Obvious…. Hey I Wouldnt Mind Being In News/Gossip With Boy Pakorn lol He’s A Cutie!!!

  2. Wow, since when did Boy Pakorn became “every girl’s type of man”???? Because I like Boy as an actor, but I don’t think he’s good looking nor charming.

    And Yardtip needs to pluck/wax her eyebrows in that picture.

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