Woonsen Says Janie is Stressed Over News Escorting “Note”, Aump’s Man

Her best friend, Janie Tienpohsuwan is under turmoil when leading actress “Aump” Patcharapa wanted to send a message through the press for escorting her wealthy boyfriend, “Note” Wises Rungsisingpipat to a party without letting the senior actress know one bit and caused Aump dissatisfaction. As for Janie..she has not came out to give an alibi or interview regarding the matter, but when her best friend, “Woonsen” Virithipa was questioned by reporters regarding Janie she replied, “This issue shouldn’t be hard to clear because everyone knows already that there is nothing much to it. When it isn’t a big problem she doesn’t want to stress over it, but since it’s such big news it’s become serious. I just listen instead and be of moral support.”

People will believe that it’s Janie. “I saw everything and I was there so there was nothing going on.”

Is her emotional state bad? “It’s not that bad, but she’s with “Nana” (Rybeena) a bit too much.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/INN News]

13 responses to “Woonsen Says Janie is Stressed Over News Escorting “Note”, Aump’s Man

  1. That’s stupid…Aump didn’t even specify which actress with a J..there are so many actresses with the name that starts with J. Plus, Note is so ugly i don’t even know why Aump is with him. for his money im guessing?

  2. Can’t really feel sorry for Janie on this one.. Escorting someone bf to a party is just asking for trouble. Janie should just stick to single guys.

  3. Even if they did go together, why janie need to ask or get permission, note should be the one, didnt janie introduce not to aum,aum should not think to much, aum is stupid for having note in the first place, for money for sure

  4. Sad, Janie shouldn’t be stress over this BS because
    its not worth it. People these days gossip nonstop.
    Agree there are other celebrity with the first name
    of J. Why pick on her? Only because she have a bad
    pass with guys does not mean shit.And Aum is lame for
    dating Note that dude is just unfaithful.Waste of time.

  5. one skank getting mad that another skank took her rich fugly boyfriend out? is this even new? can’t say that i’m not surprised!

  6. Janie had a reputation of stealing people’s boyfriend. This is not her first time. Yep, I agreed with everyone, this NOTE guy is so freaking UGLY, RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL, UNFAITHFUL… you name it. Only one good thing. HE IS SO DAME RICH! If he is a no name guy on the street, I am 200% sure these two girls won’t even look at him..

  7. Janie shouldnt even stress over this BS if they did nothing wrong and they are just friends.
    Its not like Note is married to Aump.
    As for Aump she needs to put her man in check instead of texting the other woman! Why be with his ugly ass if she cant trust him!
    Whats funny is Aump supposed to be this hottest Thai celebrity yet her man cheats on her with a transvestite.
    Now that tells me Aump you are not hot as you think! lol so dont stay with his ugly ass for money.

    He might be rich, but its not like he is going to be giving her all his assets to her.

    Aump is a beautiful women and a good actress but when it comes to men she soooooo retarded!

  8. yeah both skanks getting mad at each other haha it’s not like one is better than the other. aum says she makes her own money? my ass, like she’s gonna get with a nobody.

  9. I agree. Janie introduced the two of them. If she reallie wanted Note in the first place she would have kept him in secrecy and wouldn’t have offer him to Aump. If they were friends in the first place I don’t think its a big deal, Aump making it a biggie

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