“Pancake” Reveals The Kiss With Her And “Pae” Was Real, No Stand-in

Causing quite a stir around the interwebz would have to be the kiss/love scene of actress “Pancake” Khemmanit and actor, “Pae” Arak in the lakorn, ‘Tur Gub Kao Lae Rak Khong Rao‘ (You and him and our love). Especially the part where Pancake bites Pae’s lower lip that there have been criticisms about the appropriateness of the kiss.

Pancake came out to accept that the kiss was real and there was no techniques in the camera angle because she wanted to act to her full abilities as the script called for and the script writer, “Nit” Orapan Watcharapol wrote the script and is ready to take on the criticisms that followed.

“That scene was going along for what the script called for. The script called for that since the beginning of shooting and I felt that I wanted to play the part to the fullest. “Khun Nit” wrote the script with determination, but we both talked about how we would want it to come out and we talked about it in every angle and in every angle the image is different from one another already. I tried my best so that the image would come out as OK as it did, but there are some camera angle technique where we’re not really kissing also because I do have my limits also.”

Reporters than went on to ask if the reason “Pancake” was willing to do a real kiss was it because the Pra Aek was “Pae” Arak? Pancake said that everything was determined and agreed upon from the beginning when she was handed the script.

[Source via Entertain Teenee]

55 responses to ““Pancake” Reveals The Kiss With Her And “Pae” Was Real, No Stand-in

  1. it just wow .. I seriously don’t like them .. I was pretty shock when I saw Pancake bites … never see that before in thai lakorn ..

      • yeah! when I was watching the lakorn & she all of a sudden bites his lip I said..ewwww!.. it was very unecessary, but you can’t blame pancake, she didnt write the script. I guess she couldve said no, but we all know that she secretly likes ugly pae.

  2. I’m eating a cookie and want knw what new on
    this site and the first thing i saw is, pan biting
    pae lip…yuck! i just throw up right now… gross!!!

  3. I agree with ya. Pae is not good looking at all.
    eww.i cannot believe she broke up with Weir just
    to be with him!(Rumors)

  4. So she says she wants to put all her into this script, let’s see if there will be future lakorns where she does the kiss scene. Is that how they kiss? haha I haven’t seen the lakorn, not planning on to either but from the screen caps it looks awkward haha

  5. Pancake has kissed Tle and Weir before and they have never done it like this. She can’t blame the script, Buang Rai Rai Ruk was written by the same person and the kiss there was innocent……..putting a little too much here huh Pan???

  6. I don’t see anything sexy about this kissing scene. Its rather nasty looking! Pae is so freaking ugly even with all the plastic surgery he had done. Ms Pancake need to work on her acting skills before she work on her kissing skills. Bye the way, looks like she’s sucking on a butt.

  7. ok that kiss looks disturbing and nasty, not really bringing much of the “love feeling” to viewers I bet.
    ugh Pancake biting Pae’s lip? I think she gave her heart to PAE?! that’s why she used the script excuse for this scene. Even with her the guy she dated, Weir, NEVER had an actual actual kiss like that.
    ugh the more I see Pancake now, after her relationship lie and THIS the more I dislike her and she becomes less attractive to watch.

  8. i enjoy this lakorn so very much!!! I really think that they have a great chemistry. Congratulation to Pae and Pancake for their kisses’s scenes. Hope to see them again in another lakorn.

  9. That does not look like a romantic kiss…it look weird and uncomfortable to watch…. nothing compared to Ken & Ann’s which are very sweet but yet romantic… not overdone like this one.

  10. i don’t know. he looks surprise/uncomfortable in that picture. knowing THAILAND, she shouldn’t have had done that. na-da.

  11. Biting? Wow. I would never have expected that from prim and proper Ms. Pancake. If I didn’t see the photo, I would have thought the story was a lie.

    I still don’t understand the hype around Pae. He’s not even that cute. I wouldn’t say he’s ugly, but he’s rather plain. Not handsome, not gorgeous, but not grotesque lol. Weir is so much better looking, IMO. If she really is dating Pae, then it’s almost like she has traded down from Weir. But then again, maybe Pae has a great personality…-shrugs-

  12. okayy.. So i guess the rumor is real then? i know its only a movie but i feel that she is ‘digging’ him already.

  13. You guys are hating.. I loved the drama… The kiss scenes are that bad compare to others… I’m actually dying to see the next episodes, or even how the ending is going to be like… Pae isn’t ugly, he made not be a handsome as other actors, but he’s pretty alright… I like him and Pancake.. I wouldn’t mind if they did hook-up…

    • I use to think he was so ugly…when i saw the pictures of the opening ceremony of the lakorn he did w/ Aump P. I remember someone said he looks like Aump P. ugly older sister…i cracked up, but he actuallie looks reallie good w/ his hair cut short and spiked.

  14. I don’t really like Pan either nor her acting, but I have to say she actually looks really pretty in this drama and of what I’ve seen this one is actually really good. 1st one of her’s I enjoy. I have to say Weir looks way too good for her, I always thought he could do better than her. I’ve never thought she was all that pretty to start with. But I like her with this new guy, I think they make a better match. Weir needs to find someone better looking that matches him..

  15. pauauhahha. maybe this is why they usually fake kiss. because they cant give a good one..lol i jk, just pancake

  16. I actually like Pae; he’s not bad looking to me..
    but this picture is disturbing..
    Plus after seeing this NO FURTHER COMMENT !

    • Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if they don’t like someone than there is really no way anyone can force them. I for one actually used to like Pancake but after her whole lies about wanting to throw Weir aside like an old pair of shoes I slowly saw what she would. Her kissing Pae or biting his lip us disturbing.

  17. some nasty sh*t alrite. pae was ugly when he had long hair and is still ugly after he cuts it. look like he’s having an orgasm.

  18. tq goodness it’s not Om, plus Om doesn’t like the chinese n lengthy type…oh i be screaming with maddness,,5555 and i like Om and Min too much.. better not made a move on om,,,

  19. this is the problem, actors and actresses in lakorn can’t decided whether they want to kiss for real or not and it makes them look like they don’t know how to kiss.

  20. Y’all know that saying “Asian’s cannot kiss!” LOL! Geesh, no wonder Pan left Weir. These pictures are unappealing and unromantic. Plus, Pae is ugly.

  21. LOL! It was not even that bad. As much as I don’t like Pancake, that scene was meant to be cute (I think). It’s just that guy Pae is so DAMN ugly and his big lips make it gross looking. I’m not a big Weir fan either, but I think Weir is waaaay hotter than Pae.

  22. A flat pancake kissing a frog. What has the world come too?! Anyway both of them are annoying and unattractive.

  23. lols..You know pancake just wanted to kiss him…she probably wanted the public to know that he’s taken..lol Rumors said, she breaked up with weir to be with Pae…

    Anyways, never like her and she is so ugly without makeup.

  24. If Pancake want to kiss, sleep or have sex with him, she needs to admit to the truth. You can tell, they want each other sooooooooooo baddddddddddd. I am happy Weir is with Mai Davika in their new lakorn. She looks classy for a mix girl. All the best for Pancake, Pae and Weir.

  25. I don’t care what people talk about you, But, for me you both the best actor and actress love to see you again

  26. Love every bit of it. 2 gorgeous people kissing wow what a show. About time they do it for real. I kind of sick seeing just a fake kiss when actors/actresses playing the so romantic,in love scene. Real kisses make it so real.


    Go Pancake & Pae. If it is true in real life. Go for it & good on you

  27. Pae & Pan…. more please. It ain’t that perfect yet so need more practice for camera view.

    I think this time, i am going to blame the camera for not viewing a good angle on the kiss. Pae & Pan kiss with content and of course it would be different if it is real real real…. as it would be more natural and free spirit.

    Pae, has this cool quiet handsome look. Dark side of him hidden in his eyes……. make me want to want more of him………………
    P& P go go go

  28. I didn’t realize that the biting *KISS* was disturbing for most people in here…lol…I’m sorry, but Thai’s Lakorn kissing is so fake!

    This drama has improved a bit on the kissing scene, especially the biting kiss. It looked more real! I really love this whole drama. The characters were awsome! The ending was great. It was similar to the Romeo and Juliet of William Shake Spear or The Butterfly Lovers of the Chinese.

    Didn’t they say they’ll love each other until death! It had proved that she did love him so so so much that she can’t live without him. So choosing death is an ultimate solution and ending the drama without any loosing end.

    Who said Pae is ugly??? He has the Chinese/Japanese/Korean look! Very manly cool looking guy! Plus, great personality!

    I don’t like Weir at all!!!

    P&P look great together. Love them in this drama and love them in real life as lovers!

  29. Being the best actors or actresses take real works. You want to be as real as it can be to deliver the best outcome of the scripts. Pan and Pae did a great job on their roles. Their kissing and acting showed real emotion and doesn’t appear to look fake. It doesn’t look like they afraid to give it real kisses like many other lakorns. It’s a good improvement. Congrat!

  30. Pae is very handsome in all the dramas I have viewed him in.Keep up with all the great work you put into your dramas!!!!!

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