Mario and Chompoo Sparks Things Up on ‘Di-chun’ Magazine

I’m really not sure what I’m looking at, but somehow I still feel like Mario Maurer is just a little boy compared to “Chompoo” Araya. Even though in the pictures “Chompoo” looks enthusiastically happy more than the tired and worn out Mario, it comes close to being one of the raunchiest photo shoots (next to some of what Marsha Wattanapanich has done.)

Here are some comments made by netizens regarding the photo shoot.

“Between a fashion shoot and making love, it’s only a slight difference from one another.”
“It looks raunchy, but beautiful.”
“*Sigh* The world these days are so open.”
“There are no words to express.”
“Now a days can’t they take normal fashion shoots? Are they afraid it won’t come out hot? It looks like they were expressing like they were…so real.”

[Images via ClubChom and Sanook]

21 responses to “Mario and Chompoo Sparks Things Up on ‘Di-chun’ Magazine

  1. I also love them both! I think it’s sexy and super hot!!! It’s 2011 and people need to open up and stop being so close-minded. It’s entertainment business!

    • Not all people are comfortable with looking at this so we gotta respect their opinions. Its not being close minded. Even i’m not that comfortable looking at this.

  2. another yuck. agree, why can’t they just take normal photoshoots? other mags in other countries, unless they are porn mags, are way more classier than thais i can’t stress that enough. whatever i don’t like chompoo anyway.

  3. i do like them both but this kind of magazine shoot is just wrong way to teach next generation of Thailand and they r not even in Hollywood yet……….

  4. I think they look the same age to me.If you didn’t know Champoo age you would think they were the same age.Actually this shoot is a lot better than alot of the shoots Thai actors and actresses have done.In particular the Thai actresses who when they take pictures alot of the poses are distasteful and make them look like hookers, you can dress sexy and pose in a seductive tasteful way.But there was one with Ann Alicia spreading her legs like saying Bangkok whore.These pics are definitely raunchy but Thais like to imitate westerners, sometimes it looks too desperate, I think these pics are borderline.They are okay.

  5. yeah alot of times Thais go overboard and desperate when taking pics, like I said you can dress in a bikini but you don’t have to spread your legs in the photo you can still look sexy.The picture with biting the shoelace made me uncomfortable, who does that in real life.

  6. Why can I see some black hair on the first picture? wig?
    And yeah I wonder how they felt doing those poses during the photoshoot in front of all the people.

  7. I honestly do not mind sexy photo shoots. Like someone said, this is really the borderline. It’s not the sexy image I like.

  8. like I said even whites don’t pose all hookerish and the sex culture came from whites.When I say hookerish I mean spreading your legs and stuff.

  9. some people might not like it…but i guess if that’s what most people want, then we have to adapt…its OBSCENE!

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