Pinky’s Mom Protects Her Regarding Being Removed From ‘E-nao’

Leaving a rotten stench around Modern 9 TV is that actress “Pinky” Sawika was removed from ‘E-nao‘ in fear that her past news will cause problems with the viewers, but Pinky’s mother said she couldn’t be removed because they have not agreed on a contract!

Opening up again is like being stabbed repeatedly for the actress when she does anything there are bad things that are bound to follow. Modern 9 opened up to their side of the story 1-2 days ago revealed to the news that after Kantana had planned for the go for the lakorn, ‘E-nao‘ to Modern 9 TV to consider by specifying that they want “Pinky” Sawika Chaidech as the Nang Aek. Then that’s when criticisms followed immediately asking Modern 9 if they were really going to have a person who became news for being the 3rd hand of “Peck” Sanchai and Tanya  Engtrakul true? After the alleged voice clip of both the actresses leaked out it caused even more of a ruckus and after that fiasco there has been no television station or lakorn organizer contacted Pinky thereafter which led to a rumor that Modern 9 won’t allow Pinky to work with them anymore.

No matter what Modern 9 revealed to Matichon News that the lakorn has not yet been put into production or looked at because Mr. Wansom head committee see’s it as a personal issue and doesn’t want it to be a big matter when working, but there has been a big boss that has said to consider the suitability and appropriateness of the viewers also. Therefore there will be another consultation in another day or two from now which will determine.

Mrs. Sarinaya, the mother of “Pinky” gave an interview to Matichon News said that if the results came out and “Pinky” isn’t in the lakorn she wouldn’t consider it as being “removed” because from the past it was just a casting of the part and in the normality there are always many actresses who go in for screen casts so that the organizers can find those who fits the part.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Matichon]

28 responses to “Pinky’s Mom Protects Her Regarding Being Removed From ‘E-nao’

  1. yes you cant change who she is or what she does leave her be people….by the way does anyone know if aff has a new lakorn coming up? and if anyone knows a good thai shop in australia?

  2. Even though there is no solid proof of her homewrecking it seems like when there is a scandal that big there are always consequences. I mean look at Chris Brown. No matter how hard he tries to move on the public won’t ever let him forget the Rihanna beatings. Same goes for Pinky.

  3. hahah Pinky is actually a really good role model lol don’t follow in her footstep cause once you get caught, you won’t be getting respect from anyone. a good lesson to everyone.

  4. Old news is old news, the past is the past. The news is over, there isn’t any Tanya, Peck, Pinky news right now (in the future I don’t know) but I think they should give her a chance. I think she deserves to be accepted as the normal Pinky everyone knows, and everyone should at least let her act, even if it’s not a nang’eak role or long lakorns she used to act in.

  5. HAHA the picture says “i’m not a sweet babe” its true, she’s 2 faced.

    I don’t think anyone wants to offer her a job now, she’s lucky enough to even get magazine shoots. I doubt Thailand will move on from this issue for awhile.

  6. You can forgive but it’s damn hard to forget…It’s still fresh in people mind. Show business is to make $, if no1 is watching, how r they going to make $.

  7. Thanks dirtii-laundy for the new and improved layout!! I usually view your site using my blackberry and its incredibly easy to navigate now compared to the old one! Plus, I love knowing how many people commented on a post because I love reading the saucy and sassyness of each commentors and how hot an article is!

    She deserves a chance….to play the nang-rong (supporting role :P)

    Heck, maybe she can play the servant part as well! Ok, that’s a bit to harsh but I find it hard to forgive or forget her wrong doings and her “so what!” attitude.

  8. YEAH NO. It’s not that people aren’t over the scandal but they just don’t want anything to do with her. She made a bitch move, & she needs to disappear for a while, go back to india & come back in a few years & that’s when she can make a comeback. It’s too early for her to try to patch things up, its not even the past enough yet, it was practically yesterday. Like for example Film with the sia ood news, he disappeared for a while & then made a strong comeback in the lakorn with janie. (pretend that annie brook thing didnt happen) he’d be pretty famous. People aren’t hiring her bcus a lot of people wont watch her if shes in a lakorn, I know I wouldnt. I dont even like her. & then the channel will lose money. It makes sense for them not hiring her.

  9. well, if she’s not getting hired, then it’s no one’s fault, but her own. am i going to feel sorry for her? NOPE!! will i care if she eventually lands a role? NOPE! like others said, people will forgive, but they won’t forget. when the thai public forgives her, then that’s when she’ll get a role.

  10. I think if she had disappeared for a while like maybe a year or 2 then people would had forgiven her and move on. However with her in your face attitude of thinking that people out there don’t care and she can continue on as if nothing happen is what got people annoyed and dislike her even more. If she showed a little remorse and took a real break, she would have no problem coming back in a year or so. Not only is she getting the public annoyed but she’s getting the adults annoyed too whenever she get turn down for something her and her mom come out with this cocky “I have not sign a contract.”

    Keep it up sweetie pie and you won’t ever get to sign anymore respectable contracts.

  11. she hasn’t been gone for that long. i guess i don’t really care for her anymore but i do hope she has changed. then again she hasn’t shown any remorse so i don’t know. the thing is after knowing that she been messing with peck, maybe intimately too, it’s hard for me to see her as an innocent nang’ek. same for poo, she’s so slutty. nang’ek? no please!

  12. why does people care so much? (Because actors and actress are supposed to be role model for others?) I don’t care and never looked at actress or actors as role models. I don’t mean to defend her or anything but people need to differentiate personal from professional. I don’t care what celebs do personally, (as long as it doesn’t involve the law) if they are good at doing their job then just let them. You don’t hear customers refusing to go to a store because the owner is a homewrecker.

  13. Yea I agree w/everyone. Once there’s really bad scandalous news for a celebrity, it’s hard to forget that. Guess Pinky’s on her own now in the industry. 🙂

  14. Gosh, I’d be butt-scared to be a celebrity in Thailand. Rumors and scandals come and go all the time in the US, but in Thailand, they seem to never die.

  15. I can’t look past the fact that she got herself involved in that mess/fiasco, it’s quite shameful. Can’t see her as a nang-ek anymore, it’ll bother me watching the lakorn…so I understand why the industry people would be iffy about getting involved with her. It’s a risk for their business. I feel sorry for her, but at the same time I think she deserves this tough lesson. If she really had nothing shameful to do with that scandal, she wouldn’t be so silent & scared about it. Something was definitely up & I’m not so fond of Pinky anymore. Good luck to her, though…she’s gonna need it lol.

  16. I think people should give her a chance, I mean, people will make mistake, so we are called “human”. No matter how big this scandal is, they should give her a way to live, cause she is an actress, she will be an actress forever.
    I do really like her.

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