Rumors of Ampol Lampoon dead

By Anna Manning

After someone posted a rumor on the internet that singer Ampol Lampoon was found dead with no other information about what happened, news spread like wildfire. For those who are a little too young to know who Ampol Lampoon is, he was the ex-husband of singer Marsha Wattanapanich and father of Nong Guy.

In the end, the news was just a rumor! Even though we were not able to contact him directly to confirm the situation, but we were able to contact his close friend Poo Micro where he was able to confirm that the rumor is not true and that Khun Ampol is still alive and living life normally.

Poo states that on January 26th 2011, they were still playing badminton together and still practicing for the concert that they had with other friends. He also adds that Ampol already knows about the rumor and that he was really shocked. He reveals that Ampol is planning to come out and have a press conference about it soon.

His only son, Nong Guy Newapol Lampoon, reveals that he never heard about the news or anything about his father. And that he believes that those news are false because he talks to he dad on the phone all the time.

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Source: Daradaily

8 responses to “Rumors of Ampol Lampoon dead

  1. He is both. Mainly singing. One of the best all time rock band lead singer. Micro. Youtube them up. They got pretty good song. And this guy is super handsome, when he was young.

  2. I would like to thank you such a lot of for your job you have made in writing this posting. I am hoping the same perfect work from you later on as well.

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