Louis Scott Misses the Microphone, Plans to bring back Raptor

Former singer turned actor “Louis Scott” has a made a name for himself as a supporting actor. His career in acting is gradually getting bigger and bigger. But in this brand new year, Louis has been told by a psychic that his fortune this year is going to be splendid and his love life is on the rise.

At the opening launch of Nestle’ Fitness Fit and Firm concert, Louis revealed that he has a project with his former duo boy band member “Joni Anwar”. The two of them are planning to approach their former record company “RS Promotion” to hold a concert for the fans under their old name “Raptor”.

“Right now I feel that my career is still the same. But that’s good because I’m happy already, it doesn’t have to get any better than this. In the past, I’ve been getting a lot of feedback about ‘Raptor’and I want to go and speak to Hea Hoh (RS CEO) in case there’s a case I can get back into singing again. Right now I get to be a guest in a concert (Fit&Firm event) and I thought that was good, being on stage brought back a lot of memories from the past. I want to try again but RS hasn’t responded yet and they haven’t given any projects to do. But as for this one Joni and I have thought of it ourselves and we want to go talk to Hea Hoh and ask him if there’s anything that we could do”

“I miss it. I want to hold the microphone again. Being a guest at this concert made me miss the past even more because I get to see the people in the audience, I get to perform on stage even though I didn’t sing anything, but it was close to it. And I’ve been talking to Joni and he said that he wrote some new songs and he want me to practice with him because I haven’t been practicing for a long time now and I’m like Ok, let’s try it, let’s sing some of our old songs, some of these songs, other people are still singing it like ‘Kreng jai’, ‘kid tueng tur’, ‘yah pood luy’ and stuff like that. We might re-use those songs again”

“The style of music we want to do will be fun to listen too. It’s probably up to what type of music we like, As for Raptor, it’s been 13 years now, we haven’t been onstage together for that long, but for me it’s been about 7-8 years. But right now I’m going to have to learn everything again, especially how to sing. I’ve been away for so long, I feel like I need to set everything back again, I might even make my singing better than before”

Source via Manager

3 responses to “Louis Scott Misses the Microphone, Plans to bring back Raptor

  1. T_T Made me tear just reading this. I hope this happens but I’ll try not to keep my hopes up too high considering what AHos RS is. Just knowing that Joni & Louis is considering this makes me happy. 🙂

    DL, can you keep us updated on this if you can? 😀 Not every single detail, but if it’s approved by RS, please let us know!! I’m considering on attending! It’s a once in a life time chance! 😀

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