Kwan Graduates from University

After four years of juggling her study time with work, Kwan Aussamanee’s efforts have paid off.

On 25th Jan, Kwan attended the rehearsal for her graduation ceremony, where she will soon be awarded with a bachelor of Communications from Bangkok University.

At the event, her mother “Pranee Waitanayanont” along with her older sister “Kaew” Athikarn Waitayanont and fans accompanied Kwan to the rehearsal to show their support.  At the end of the ceremony, Kwan gave the tabloids the opportunity to interview her.

“This morning I invited my father to come along to congratulate me as well. Because last year we went to P’Kaew’s graduation ceremony and my dad was there to support her. But this time around, he’s not and that’s okay. I think I’m going to have to be strong. As for future work prospects, that’s up to the executives to decide. I will be giving the channel all of my time because in the past while I was studying they have given me a lot of opportunities. I want to thank my family at channel 7 whom have always guided me, thank you”

Pranee Waitayanont, Kwan’s mother revealed she was brimming with happiness when she finally saw her daughter’s bachelor degree.

“I’m so happy that she’s finally done it. Now she has a legacy that will stay with her and that is in the form of educational knowledge that will stay with her all through the future. I hope there will be 2-3 more graduations to come. I want her to work for a year and then study masters”

Kwan’s sister “Luke Kaew” Athikarn also expressed how proud she felt about her sister, having to juggle work and study at the same time.

“I’m so happy for her. She was very determined because she had to work and study at the same time. I’m happy that she was able to graduate at the same time as all her other friends. She’s very talented. After the ceremony, we’re all going to Petchburi to see our father so we can tell him about it and take photos with him”

Source via Siamdara

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