Channel 3 believes the rating system is inaccurate

In the year 2010, a major television corporation has argued the accuracy of the rating system to the point where a new rating company has to take over. Till this day, there’s still no difference in the rating results.

Until now, Prawit Maleenont, the Executive Manager of channel 3, whom have suffered from constant issues with the rating system has almost had it. The Executive can no longer put up with the rating results that seem to be hurtful to his eyes. In the past 9-10 years, Prawit has been suffering from issues with the rating system.

Prawit revealed the problems with the rating from his channel have been ongoing for a long time. He has found that most of his channel’s popular lakorns received far less rating than lakorns from the competitor’s channel. Some lakorns received a much lower rating to the point where it is almost impossible for it to be true.

In the past I have been very content with the lakorns, some of them get the rating, but some don’t. But if you really look into it you will realize that most lakorns are getting really good feedback, whether it’s ‘Wanida’, ‘Rabum Doung Dao’, ‘4 Huajai Koon Kao’ etc etc. However, it terms of rating, these lakorns are not doing very well compared to the results from the competitor’s channel. But we believe that our lakorn’s popularity is much better. This is what inspired us to create more lakorns”

However, Prawit revealed the numbers in the rating bears no direct impact on their advertising income. The channel is still receiving growth of 12-13% in advertising each year.

Although in the end, the rating is still something that the channel needs to consider. The means of measuring television ratings in Thailand has had a major change once before, but still the change did not bring on the accuracy of the rating.

As an example, Prawit used channel 3’s recent lakorn ‘Mongkuth Dok Som’ by Braodcast Television which aired on Wednesday & Thursday night. This lakorn received a rating of only 3-4, when the lakorn’s popularity is quite good.

In the latest news, Broadcast television has conducted a Survey with Thamasart University to measure the popularity of ‘Mongkut Dok Som’ from 23/12/10 – 13/01/11 through a survey with 2,300 households, covering Bangkok, Chieng Mai, Kon Kaen and Ayuthaya. The survey discovered that over 50% are viewers of channel 3 lakorns. The result of the survey is heading in the complete opposite direction of the rating result for channel 3 lakorns.

With this result in their hands, channel 3 is re-evaluating the ways in which the rating system is calculated. Prawit revealed he will have to look at the matter very closely, he might even hire another company or an organisation to prepare a rating comparison to the current rating system. They might even have to cease the service of the current company responsible for proving the rating and hire a new company, as they have done last year. Because channel 3 believed that the current rating results are not accurate.

Source via Matichon/Entertain Teenee

18 responses to “Channel 3 believes the rating system is inaccurate

  1. Yea we can comment now!
    I don’t know what to say about this. All this ch7 vs. ch3 stuff is annoying. -.-

  2. I completely agree! I watch both ch.3 & ch.7 (along with ch.5) lakorns, and honestly…ch.3 has the best lakorns that are quite popular. I never understood why in Thailand the rating for these popular lakorns for ch.3 always seems to be average or not so well, when clearly those famous lakorns had really good feedback. I thought it must be Thailand’s taste and them liking ch.7 lakorns more or something, but my sister & mom from there tells me their friends and almost everyone we know likes ch.3 lakorns the most. So there’s definitely some inaccuracy and unfairness going on. Despite the ratings, I still continue watching ch.3 lakorns, though. I don’t believe in ratings. Possibly, other execs probably paid that rating company to keep their lakorns higher than others, despite ch.3 lakorns’ popularity.

  3. I agree…ch3 always brings home the awards and stuff yet even the best lakorns get such small numbers. Things are totally rigged

  4. Totally agree with you Kat. Ch.3 quality is so much superior to Ch.7. I go crazy trying to watch Ch.7; they make watching a lakorn unenjoyable.

  5. sure it’s inaccurate didn’t he complain about it last year? anyways both channel have equally stupid lakorns and the reason why ch3 win all the award because awards show are base on biasness since nothing but thai people likes ch3 while people outside thailand likes ch7.

    • Thats completely not true. I live outside of Thailand and my whole family prefers ch3. ch7 gets worse every year.

    • Disagree with you! I love channel 3 and have always watch their lakorns. Never liked c. 7! C. 3’s actors and actresses are much better than 7. I aslo love in the U.S!

    • Isn’t it the other way around? People outside of Thailand likes ch.3 more (from what I’ve observed ) and people in Thailand like ch.7 more…or at least I thought. o_O But everyone back in Thailand tells me they love ch.3 lakorns, too. So that’s why I think this is definitely rigged. I’m in the U.S. btw, and I honestly enjoy ch.3 lakorns better than all those other channels. If you just name the lakorns itself…you can tell which ones are more popular.

  6. @Annie i disagree with you. I am not Thai nor do I live in Thailand but I love watching ch 3 more. I think their actors and actresses are better at acting. In addition, most of the storylines are more interesting.
    With ch7, there are only a few that are good

  7. @ Annie I disagree with you; I live in the US and most of the people I know like Ch.3 more… we’re always more hyped up and talk about Ch.3 lakorns more. I think most ppl in the provinces in Thailand like ch.7 more b/c according to, she sometimes give the breakdown of the numbers and ch.7 always get better number in the provinces.

  8. ohhh that’s why I couldn’t comment! I didn’t know that I just htought there was something wrong with my comp. BUT YES I really agree with this, Ch. 3 always has the better quality lakorns & they’re always popular. I don’t understand how some of ch 7 lakorns, no matter how ridiculously stupid they are, get higher ratings than ch 3 lakorns!! Ch 7 also likes to stretch out their lakorns & then I just get tired of watching it. It’s also very nam now.

  9. Maybe with the use of internet people aren’t watching it on TV anymore. I know that a lot of people in Thailand tend to just watch it online instead of staying tuned every Monday or every Thursday to watch a certain series. Everytime I go into Pantip website there is always a group of people asking where to watch the latest episode or past episodes.

    • You’re kinda right. Maybe ch.7 has the old people that stick to ch.7 pra’naangs (like Kob, Yui, etc.) so they all probably tune in on their t.v. rather than us younger generation (and a majority of lakorn watchers) watch it via internet. I know I do lol. This could possibly greatly affect the ratings. 😡 I’ll try to watch ch.3 lakorns on my thai satelite now… but sometimes i just don’t have the time :[

  10. Actually Nielsen, the company that does ratings all over the world (including US and Thai) have been plagued for years with accusations that their method of collecting data for ratings is total crap. ABC and NBC I think threatened to sue because in the US, ad revenue is determined by ratings/demos and they were losing money. One of the contention is how they count DVR viewing but I’m not sure that’s a problem in Thailand. But I just wanted to point out that it’s not a Ch.3 vs Ch.7 thing. There are some real problems with methodology by Nielsen and TV networks here in the states have started to challenge them.

  11. I can totally understand why he’s bothered by the rating system. I’ve been watching lakorns for the past three maybe four years and I have never understood why CH7 just dominates the ratings even when some of their lakorns are actually quite bad.

    It must be rough for CH3 to produce quality lakorns and at the end of the day receive one third of the ratings that CH7 receives. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all CH7 lakorns are terrible (I am actually a huge Kwan fan), but it’s impossible for them dominate the ratings ALL of the time. And I do think CH3 executives are well within their rights to explore the possibility of inaccuracies within the system.

    I bet if there is an issue with the ratings system, the number of viewers for each channel will actually even out. That will be better for us because it will make them compete harder for viewers and increase the quality of lakorns from both channels. =]

  12. I thought it’s pretty well known that the rating system is inaccurate, plus I heard that the signal/reception for ch7 is stronger therefore people outside of Bangkok tends to watch ch7 more. But from what I experienced, people in the city prefer ch3 while people who lives in the country (in other cities) prefer ch7 (not sure if it’s because of the signal problems or just a preference thing)

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