Stefan Says He Still Loves "Namfon"

Even though they have both broken up, but former couple actress, “Namfon” Kullanat Preeyawat and actor, “Stefan” Thasit Sinkanawiwat aren’t on bad terms as both are still spotted at various places together.

Namfon revealed, “As for the magazine of ‘Good Health‘ we are working together still. Our relationship had no affect on our business at all and this time around I see it as work because I see it as when we love someone we love them, but why is it when we break up we have to hate one another?”

As for Stefan, he came out to give his side, “My relationship with Namfon is still good and we don’t hate one another. I just asked her out to eat, but she didn’t come. If you ask me do I love her? I love her. When I met her I didn’t think I would love someone who wasn’t me as much.”

Do you two help each other out by looking/scanning for future partners for the other?

Namfon: “I want him to be careful because we don’t know if the person is good or not and I don’t want to warn him much because then they’ll think I’m jealous.”

Stefan: “I had warn her before that when a guy comes in the first time they’re all good for promotion. There are some that are good, but have a tendency to be jealous and in this generation the guys like to beat up the woman often also.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Khaosod]

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