"Pinky" Returns Back to Kantana!

Becoming one of the hottest topics until now is when actress, “Pinky” Sawika Chaidech let it slip out that she hasn’t signed a contract with any one yet. Even though big boss of Channel 3, Somrak Narongwichai came out to announce himself that the actress had signed a 3 year contract with Channel 3, but up until the famous actress had made no effort to commit herself to any contract with any company at all.

Recently there had been another topic regarding the actress since she has taken her break from the ET biz is that she has returned and signed a contract with her old company, Kantana Group which started and molded her career since she was a child and whereas her first returning lakorn is about to be opened not so long from now.

“I haven’t signed a contract with anyone yet. I want to just go at my pace slowly and look at scripts continuously to see what script goes with me the most, but as for other companies contacting me, there are some that I’ve talked to, but I can only accept one at a time and right now I might just accept 1 lakorn right now or I might take a break for another half of the year. It’s better than returning to come back and playing in a lakorn. When I see my fan club they would ask me all the time when I’ll be in a lakorn again which there are plans for me to be in a lakorn not long from now for sure, but as to what lakorn it would be? Well I won’t find out until next week what lakorn it would be, what company it’s for, and how it would be like. My fan club would be really happy because I haven’t been in a lakorn for so long.”

From then on reporters asked the actress if now she’s feeling better and she’s accepting more work and the actress replied that it’s a new year and she wants to do good that will make her smile.

No matter what reporters then went on to ask the actress if she knew about the return of her disputant, “Tanya” Tanyares returning back to Thailand and not so long she had given an open press conference regarding a lot of issues with the mass media. The actress then said she refuses to talk about it.

“I didn’t know about it. I rather not talk about anyone else because I’ve answered a lot already.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Siam Dara]

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