What a waste!! Kimberly prefers women

Many people might be sighing after seeing the published pictures above of actress “Kim” Kimberly Ann Voltemas, one of the hottest newcomer nang’eks known for her role in lakorn “Thara Himalai”. All we can say in short words is “what a waste”.

This is because we just found out that the person in this beautiful actress’ heart is not Boy Pakorn for sure. Many can recall the news last year where many people speculated these two dating, giving each other rides and whatnot. But we can surely say now that is not the case.

The person who has always been standing next to and supporting this beautiful nang’ek is no one other than another “woman”. If you can see from the above and below pictures, this handsome woman has been the person picking up and dropping off n’Kim.

When Kim goes out to events, this person would be in the same group of friends as her. As for the sweet-romantic pictures that we once saw from a cellphone picture taken off of Kim’s cell, Daradaily has taken the whole situation into deep investigation.

Upon investigating, Daradaily found out that n’Kimberly and this “handsome woman” are two people who know each others hearts. At first, many people have seen n’Kim with this person but didn’t know if it was the same person. This “handsome woman” has always been spotted everywhere Kimberly went, whether it be events or shows.

Daradaily has confirmed that those people spotted in different places with Kim is the same person. Daradaily also found out that inside the cellphone of this half Thai half German actress of 19 yrs old are sweet-romantic pictures of her and this “handsome woman”.

Before coming to conclusions, we should hear from Kimberly herself whether or not this whole thing is true.

Source: Daradaily

3 responses to “What a waste!! Kimberly prefers women

    • Because, girls are better than guys at loving sometimes. Girls really understand you. They know how you feel. They have softer skin. They look better and they’re great. This is coming from a Thai girl too.

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