Weir Sukollawat has moved out

The rocky romance between famous couple “Weir-Pancake” is still the topic of interest in the tabloids this week. The latest, “Mae Noi” Nuannong Jamikorn, mother of famous actress “Pancake” Khemanid Jamikorn revealed “Weir” Sukollawat has moved out from the neigborhood.

“I think Weir moved because, now the children have all grown up and they have more life experience now. Therefore they have become more mature as a result. As for the news claiming that I made them break up because of Weir’s drinking habits. Well I can tell you now that I never force my daughter to do anything. In my household, I’m very spontaneous. I don’t care about things like this because I used to be a party girl, so to me something like this is considered small. But if one day, they come to a point in their life where they have to choose, then they will have to choose, but I don’t force them to do anything”

“Weir is a grown man and I will stay in my own place. I think that’s good enough because we have taken care of each other for many years now” Says Pancake’s mom before confessing that Pancake and Weir have chosen to walk their own different path.

“I think everything that’s happened. We were always like one family, so therefore all the good feelings are still there, like a family. If we can accept being a family because Pancake will never leave her family. And if one day he wants to move on to have his own family, to me I don’t even feel like they’ve gotten to know each other too fast. To me, nothing is ever too late. But I think we should all cherish the good times”

“At this point, I say Weir’s status is that he has chosen to walk in the path of his own choosing. And at this stage, I probably can’t intrude”

Source via Komchadluek/Entertain Teenee

2 responses to “Weir Sukollawat has moved out

  1. I am happy for them no matter what their decisions. They are an adult now, and should have the right to love anyone they want. Good luck to them! Especially, Weir.

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