Tanya returns to Thailand, tells all in press interview

With a shaky voice, “Tanya” opens up saying that she hasn’t divorced “Peck” yet and doesn’t want to come back to Thailand and face the same problems again. She can’t accept living in a 3 person relationship. In in the future they have to divorce, she will happily do so. After being asked about her title as “The Murderous Tricking Wife”, Tanya replies that she thinks it’s funny but she hasn’t killed anyone yet. As for the news with “Chakrit”, she says that it isn’t true.

It’s another one of those long stories that we’ve been following that will not end easily. As for new of the neverending love triangle between Tanya Tanyares Engtrakul, her husband Peck Sanchai Engtrakul, and nang’ek Pinky Savika Chaiyadej, that caused her to leave the country with her daughter to live in America for about a year now, has never died down. Before this, 5 leaked phone conversation clips of Tanya and Peck arguing about Pinky was leaked out to the public. Tanya posted in her twitter that the person who leaked it was not her.

Today, Tanya took the opportunity to visit Thailand to take care of unfinished business that occurred while she was traveling to join the “Welcome to Paris Grand Opening Catier Diet” event at the Rama Garden Hotel in Vibhavadi. No matter the issue, whether it was about her husband Peck or about the recent news of her flirting with Chakrit Yamnam, Tanya reveals:

“Why I’m skinnier is probably because of taking care of my daughter kaa. (Is it because of the news?) Honestly, I started to lose weight since the beginning when I was leaving. It’s been up and down. When I went to live in America, it went up and then it went back down again. Right now, I weigh 45kg from the 49-50kg that I used to weigh. I didn’t bring Nong Leah because I only came to clear some work for 7-8 days. I want to hurry up and get the unfinished things done before going back. In the future I will bring her back to visit Thailand, but I’m not sure how long I will let her stay. Right now, I just want her to stay there. I haven’t planned when I will return, but no matter what she’ll have to return to Thailand. I just need some time to see when I will bring her back.”

“As for when I will be coming back to live in Thailand, I still can’t answer because I feel at ease living over there. I am stronger now, but I just don’t want to come back to face the same problems. I want to be 100% first before coming back. A lot of people ask why I don’t bring Nong Leah, it’s because it has to do with this. I don’t know what is going to happen and how I will react. I don’t know if I will be able to bring her back with me to America. I just want to be a little stronger than this. I do admit, though, that I am afraid of the old problems with the same old people (smiles). Whether the problem is over or not, that, I don’t know na kaa. When I decided to stay in America, I cut everything off. I don’t want to know anything. I live my life happily. Right now, I’m happy.”

She reveals that this January 16th, she will return together with Peck to America to see if they will continue being together or leaving.

“After returning, I have talked to Peck via BB but I haven’t seen him. But on the 16th, we will go back to America together. p’Peck is going to visit Leah with me, but we don’t know when we’ll return again na kaa. I am not ready to see p’Peck (sighs). Right now, since we are going to meet up, he’s going to take the opportunity to see Leah. As for the future and what it will be like, it’s hard to say because I haven’t talked to p’Peck about our marriage. After the 16th, I’ll probably have an answer, something that will be more clear than this because we haven’t really talked about it. I already have my answer. I’m just going to wait until we talk it out, then I will tell him everything at once just in case things change (laughs). Whether if we change in a good or bad way, I don’t know kaa. I might be in a good way or it might be in a bad way because I can’t tell the future.”

“Whenever p’Peck visits Leah, she always gets happy. She would hug him and play with him. I just need some time and I will bring Leah back to Thailand, but we just need to talk and agree first. Honestly, I don’t want to have to agree on anything or have any promises. The thing that I’m most worried about is Leah. I want to do whatever I can as long as it’s the best for her and the both of us. Living in America makes me feel bad for her na, because I want her to be close to her father, her grandfather and grandmother. In the past, I’ve never had the energy or support in taking care of my child. I want to be a strong mother. That’s why I went to live in America to feel better. Just give me some time, then I will bring my daughter back.”

Even if there is news about a 3rd hand again, she will not be sad anymore because she’s happy now. But as for divorcing Peck, she will do it in America.

“If there is a problem about a 3rd hand again, I don’t care anymore. Whatever happens, happens. It’s ok. Right now, I’m happy. Whether p’Peck and I are over or not, that, I cannot answer. But if it is really going to end, I will be happy. I we have to take that route and divorce, then I will divorce. We are both good parents to our daughter, therefore, we can still be friends. Maybe it will make me happier. (Are you sorry for p’Peck?) I do feel sorry na because he’s far away from his daughter. I know it hurts, but he still does go see her often. Leah is still a baby, so she doesn’t ask about her father. She can only say some words, but still has no meaning.”

“Lets say that we divorce, we’ll probably get 50/50 custody of Leah. Honestly, I don’t need to have full custody of Leah myself. It’s better to help each other. (The reason why you guys are divorcing now is because you guys haven’t cleared anything together?) In the past, I told him that if we have to divorce, I don’t want anything. I just want us to help each other take care of our child. As for the assets, I don’t need them. (It seems like you guys are going to divorce, since you’re talking like this) (laughs) No, because I can’t give you a definite answer 100% yet. But because of what happened in the past, we definitely do have to talk about stuff like this. I’m just telling my side of the story and what we’ve talked about. It’s not definite or confirmed. We’re not going back to America to go to court na kaa. We were just talking, we did not use any attorney or anything.”

Tanya reveals that the p’Pecks side of the family doesn’t want them to divorce, but she insists that they talk and come to an agreement first before deciding whether or not to divorce. She also says that she doesn’t want to bring in the 3rd hand and make a decision based off of that alone.

“(What has p’Pecks side of the family say?) I just want to see Khun Mae and she misses Leah. She wants me to bring Leah back. I promised her that I will definitely bring her back, but I just need some time. Khun Paw and Khun Mae don’t want use to divorce. They want us to be a family. But if p’Peck doesn’t want to divorce, he has to agree to how we will live and how our family life will be like. As for the 3rd hand, we will have an agreement on that. I don’t want that person to get involved or anything because this is between us. But whatever happens, happens. I’d rather talk about the 2 of us and what our life will be like. (Does the 3rd hand still interfere with you guys?) That, I don’t know kaa.”

“Lets just say that we are not divorcing yet. I honestly cannot give an answer yet, because I’m waiting for the 16th to talk to p’Peck to see which route to take (shaky voice) because this problem has been ongoing for a while now. We’ll probably have a more clear answer. In the past, we’ve talked about it before, but we used our emotions. But in reality, we still love each other. We use time to give us an answer. To this day it has been very clear, but not 100%. Going back to America this time, we’ll definitely talk for sure because in the past we practically didn’t talk. Til this day, we haven’t talked about anything. Every time goes to visit, we talk but we don’t have an answer.”

We heard that Chakrit Yamnarm flew to America to visit you. Tanya reveals that Peck did call and ask her about it, but Tanya told her husband to check and see if the young pra’ek did indeed fly to America to see her and he found nothing.

“As for the news of Chakrit flying to see me, this is actually really funny. Honestly, the problems that I have are already a lot and to find out news like this even makes p’Peck ask me, being that he is already a jealous type of person. He asked if Chakrit really came, so I told him before he asks to check first. He said ok, that he will check and he found that there was no traveling record for Chakrit. I’m confused na, but I’m not serious about it. News will be news, there will be some truth and some not true. He’s also never sent me any supportive messages or anything. We’ve worked together for about 3 years. We only talked to each other on set. After that, we never saw each other. Even if we saw each other, we wouldn’t talk about this. If we see each other at events, we just say ‘hi’ like normal.”

Tanya admits that Peck Sanchai has tried to reconcile with her by doing good things for her and taking care of her and Leah. It makes her soften up a little, but once she remembers the problems she does get back at him like before.

“p’Peck did try to reconcile with me. I was soft at times, but also hard at times (laughs). It depends on my mood, but I don’t know. I don’t know what the outcome will be. We’ll have to see. p’Peck didn’t try to get me to come back to Thailand, but he just does nice things by his personality. He’s usually that type of person that takes care of you. He would take good care of me and Leah and it would be me soften up. When I think about our problems, I do get back at him (laughs).”

There was a rumor that Pinky and Peck secretly went to Chiang Mai together. Tanya says that whether it’s true or not, she doesn’t care.

“About the latest news of them going to Chiang Mai together, I’ve heard about it. (How do you feel about it?) I’m normal now because in the past I’ve been through a lot and it was tough. It was so hard that I had to go to the doctor. Now, I’m strong. Whether if it’s true or not, it’s ok. If they went, they went because I’ve been taking steps too. (p’Peck said that he went there with 3 other friends…) If it was like that, then it was like that. I don’t want to think about whether I should believe him or the news. I don’t care where he went, it’s ok. I’m happy where I’m at now. That’s all. I don’t ask him where he went or who he went with. I don’t want to know, I don’t care. I’m happy where I am now.”

She admits that she doesn’t want to be in a love triangle relationship and doesn’t want to be called “Mia Luang” because she wants to be the only one.

“Is it possible to be in a 3-person relationship? (laughs) If I were to be in a 3-person relationship, I’d rather back out. Like I said since the beginning, if it’s not over, I’ll leave myself. I already left. (Can you accept it if you were the ‘Mia Luang’?) I don’t want to be (stern voice). Everyone’s life is different. It all depends on how they want to live it. Many women have encountered this problem and still choose to be a family like that. They accept to be the #1 2 or 3, but if their happy like that, then it’s ok. That’s their life. But as for me, I want to be the only one (laughs). I want to be #1.”

She complains that she misses working in the industry and acting in lakorns. She admits the reason why she hasn’t accepted any lakorns is because she’s afraid that she’s not strong enough yet. When she’s ready, the elders in Ch3 will still give her the opportunity to come back and work like before.

“I want to come back and work in the industry. I miss it and feel bad that I can’t come back and act in lakorns. I have fun whenever I’m working and with the team that I’m working with. But I’m afraid if I come back, I’ll face many problems again. I’m afraid that I will be weak, that’s why I want some more time to recover and get strong. Then, I will come back and work. (Is the Channel upset that you’re not back to work?) It’s not like they’re upset na. I went to see them today at Ch3. I went to see Khun Prawit and talked to Khun Somluck. We talked and the elders told me to stay there until I feel better and then I can come back to work at Ch3 like before. Since I came back, I wanted to wish them a Happy New Year and to talk about work. Honestly, I really want to come back and work.”

“But when I will come back, it’s hard to say because honestly I planned to go and never come back. At that time, that’s how I felt. Before, I didn’t want to come back. But I went to stay there for 5 months, my feelings changed. I wanted to come back. Time heals all things. Living over there, I did things that I’ve never done before: cleaning the house, cooking. I stayed with them for 24 hrs like a baby monkey and it’s mother. We went everywhere together (laughs). But I was happy.”

Tanya finds the title of “The Murderous Tricking Wife” funny. She says that at least she’s the ‘Mia Luang’, making the reporters cheer and clap their hands.

“As for the title of ‘The Murderous Tricking Wife’, it’s funny (smiles). I haven’t even killed anyone na kaa (laughs). I might be a little tricky deep down inside. When I first heard about the title, it was hilarious. I don’t see it as anything serious. At least I’m the ‘Mia Luang’ (reporters cheered and clapped their hands).”

Source: Manager

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