Pinky keeps her mouth shut about Peck and Tanya

As soon as the new year starts, actress Pinky Savika Chaiyadej gets work. We can say that she’s starting of the new year on a good note after being dubbed the title of “Sari Escaping Love” following last year’s scandal of being the third hand in home wreaking Peck Sanchai Engtrakul and Tanya Tanyares Ramnarong. This whole ordeal ended with Tanya escaping all the way to America with her daughter Nong Leah to heal.

Tanya’s escape with her daughter to the States left Pinky explaining to the media. Pinky herself took on work and escaped to India for a while. Right now, everyone is just waiting for her movie to come out in theaters in the next 2 months.

But after coming back to Thailand, Pinky was hit with news saying that she went to meet up with Peck in Chiang Mai. With this news, Miss “Sari Escaping Love” denied all claims and told the press that she didn’t want to talk about the matter anymore. She said that the past is past and wishes everyone to start the new year on a good start, especially Peck and Tanya.

Tomorrow Tanya will be accepting and going out to events, and people will probably be referring to the past. How have you prepared this?

“Honestly, I don’t know kaa. I don’t have any opinion at all kaa.”

It’s like every time you two take on events, it seems like today there will be you and tomorrow it will be Tanya?

“As for me, it’s like I said before kaa. I have no opinion kaa. It’s a new year, so I think there should be nothing but new things for me and other people as well. I want to start off on a good note.”

But people still saw you and Peck in Chiang Mai?

“I was at Tong Law with my friends kaa. If anyone saw me, they will know that I was there.”

Have you seen p’Peck lately?

“No, kaa.”

Have you contacted and talked to each other?

“I haven’t talked kaa. I don’t want to talk about other people na.”

Have you guys contacted through BB?

“No, kaa. No no, I don’t want to talk about other people because we’ve talked about it for years already na.”

What if tomorrow Tanya talked about you, do you think it will effect your job?

“I don’t know kaa. I’ve always given my best to my work. I’ve done my best already kaa.”

Did you know that p’Tanya has a job tomorrow?

“I don’t know kaa.”

As for the rumor that has been circulating about Pinky signing a contract with Grammy to be an artist there, Pinky reveals that it’s not true. That in any case, she hasn’t sign a contract with they yet either. But in the future when she’s ready to work with Grammy, if the opportunity arises.

We heard that Grammy called you in to talk?

“Honestly, Grammy didn’t call me to talk kaa. I’m also confused about the news as well. But with Grammy, we already work together. In the future, we might have things to work together still. Lets just say that is my other house as well, but I didn’t go in to sign anything.”

Is there an opportunity in the future for you to work with Grammy?

“The elders who work for Grammy want me to work there. If there’s an opportunity, I want to do it because it’s something that I like to do. When I’m free and have the opportunity then ok.”

After changing to receive work yourself, have you received a lot of work?

“I get work kaa. Honestly, I have to say first that when you talk to people about work, you have to talk to them 2 months in advance. Like next month, I have work as well.”

What about lakorn work? Do you have any?

“They have contacted me about lakorn work kaa, but I have to see first what it’s like.”

Who is it?

“I’ll have to see first, then I’ll tell you.”

Source: Daradaily

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