Kwan frequents the pub scene

“Kwan” Aussamanee Waitayanont can’t seem to escape bad press. According to the current tabloids, the channel 7 starlet is a night owl, constantly spotted at various night clubs smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. Although this is hardly the first time for Kwan’s reputation to be taunted with party girl image, Kwan’s wild night life has been talked about since she was still at university.

At her latest appearance, Kwan admitted that she does go out to party. However, the actress claims she knows her limits.

“I do go out at night sometimes, but I do things within appropriate boundaries. Some people say that I smoke, I take drugs, I mess around with a lot of boys and I’m this and that. The point about me going out to pubs gave me this negative image. Everything that’s bad news is all on me. But honestly, I’m not like that. I go out to parties to relax, everything that I do, I do them within the appropriate boundaries, I don’t step outside the boundary”

“When I’m tired, I want to relax so I go out. It’s not that I’m such a party girl I have to go out every night. My main job is being an actress, when I finished school, all my friends moved apart and I want to catch up with them sometimes. I don’t think it’s strange for me to party. Am I supposed to be careful, like what I’m supposed to wear a sa-bai  when I go out? (breast cloth-traditional Thai costume)I can’t do that (laughs) I have to dress like all my other friends, like people my age”

Kwan says she’s aware of her role as a public figure and she believes there’s nothing wrong about her night life.

“I know what I’m doing. I know that I’m a role model and sometimes I might do something that’s not me but it’s not too bad. I’m in the middle but whatever other people want to think then that’s up to them. Now that I’m done with school I want to live a grown up life, all of my friends are all grown up. Some have moved on to help their parents with their family business and some went on to work for a company. It’s hard to find the time for all of us to get together each month and when we finally see each other we have a lot to talk about”

“My mom doesn’t really want me to go out much. She’s still the same, she lets me out once in a long while. But she drops me off so she could see everything. Sometimes she’d pick me up too. I have a limit as to how much I should party”

“Some people accused me of smoking. As for drinking alcohol, of course I do but the truth is the truth. I can’t deny or accept everything”

“But as I’ve said before, I’m just a normal human being like everybody else, there’s not much else to it, I go out with my friends sometimes”

Source via Manager

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