Film’s ex girlfriend found new love with Num

After being a secret girlfriend to “Film” Rattapoom Tohkongsub for over 8 years, “Fai” Arinrada has found love again with actor “Num” Attama Theemakorn. Fai admitted to Siamdara she still can’t forget her former boyfriend and won’t be calling Num as her new official boyfriend at this early stage.

How’s your relationship with P’Num?

“P’Num is very cute. He takes good care of me. He made me realize what it feels like to be in a warm-loving relationship. Love is a good thing and he is much older than me, 13 years older. I feel like he’s taking good care of me and he cares about me a lot”

Do you go out with him often?

“Sometimes, we go out to eat and to the movies”

You’re in a new relationship now, are you over your ex?

“I don’t want to consider this one as a new romance yet because I haven’t decided whether or not P’Num is going to be my boyfriend. I have spoken to P’Num about it and I told him that I have just broken up with Film not long ago and I need more time”

So he knows that you’ve dated Film?

“Honestly, P’Num doesn’t really know much about it but he did ask me whether it was true that I used to be Film’s girlfriend and I told him yes and right now my  emotional health is not 100%, I’m still not over Film and P’Num said he will give me some time”

Wouldn’t P’Num be upset?

“He probably is a little bit but he understands”

So what needs to be done for you to get over Film?

“Right now I’m just going to talk to P’Num for a while and when I’m ready we’ll talk about it”

Apparently Film is jealous

“During new years, Film sent me a happy new year message, that was all. But back then no news came out. I don’t think there’s anything to it

Is it over between you and Film, you’re completely cut off from him

“Yes, we’ve completely cut off from each other ever since 4th November and I haven’t spoken to him since I don’t know. But I don’t want to talk about him anymore”

Are you afraid of falling in love again?

“No I’m not. I’ve known P’Num for 2-3 weeks now and he is very good to me. I want to keep getting to know him. I consider him to be a good person”

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