Benz afraid of the #7 year in relationship

The love life of Benz Pornchita Na Songkla and Mick Promwuti Hirunyatithi, who have been together for 6 years, are currently going on their 7th year. Because of this, it is starting to make Benz scared whether or not their love will go past the 7th year, the year that many people consider it the “make-it or break-it” year. The two have not agreed to marry yet, probably because Benz is not ready. The guy’s side is already in his wedding suit waiting for his girlfriend to say ‘yes’, but when will that be? We’ll just have to wait and keep cheering 🙂

We heard that p’Mick and p’Micks mom wants you guys to get married but you’re not ready yet?

“About getting married with p’Mick, I don’t even know yet. But if it’s about p’Micks mom, I’m not ready yet kaa because khun mae seems very protective of her son kaa. As for me, I think I’m the kind of person that thinks too much. If we were to get married, I want it to be healthy. I want us to understand each other more first. If you’re asking whether or not p’Mick has talked about this with his mom yet, I would have to say probably not yet kaa. p’Mick is still scared when he’s with his mom, they mostly joke around, but probably not about me. If he were to talk to her about me, he’d probably get it (laughs).”

Has he talked about marriage with you yet?

“He has talk about it, but it’s not in the mood of ‘Do you want to get married?’ But it’s more in the mood of ‘What should we do next?’ ‘What should we do to have money?’ ‘What should we do to save more money?’ ‘What should we do to stay together for a long time?’ He knows that I don’t want to get married yet. p’Mick himself hasn’t asked me to get married yet na, but he does really want to get married. He would say stuff like ‘In the next 2 years, do you want to get married?’ But with me, I can’t place a time span on these kind of things. It’s a phase that everyone goes through, because some people even get married after being together for a year.”

Are you scared of the 7 year thing?

“Honestly, I am scared na, but it probably is nothing. If people are really soul mates, they will end up together no matter what. If we want to avoid it, I don’t think getting married would solve it. I don’t know. I’d rather ‘tum boon’ and do good deeds because people say that if you stay together for the 7th year, you can break up. They say to give each other some space. Right now, p’Mick and I are normal, we barely see each other anyway (laughs). We rarely see each other. It should be good na. It makes us want to see each other.”

So, when do you plan to get married?

“If planning, I want to just take this time and wait until I’m ready kaa, because I can’t tell the future. I do want to get married na. I’m a woman, I want to wear a wedding dress. But I think we both have to be sure first. I just want to take some time to think a little because I have to be sure first. Getting married is easy, but to stay married for a long time it’s hard. I’m the kind of person that takes life seriously na.”

Source: Daradaily

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