Tik Jessadaporn is #1 most wanted pra'ek

He is still desired by many lakorn managers, especially new hi-so manager Khun Dao Narongdej from Gus Entertainment. Handsome pra’ek Tik Jessadaporn Poldee will be starting this new company with a big bang in the lakorn “Mam Gam Dang” whose nang’ek is no one else but the mother of all nang’eks Ann Thongprasom, who is also close to Khun Dao.

Everyone is excited to see the #1 pra’ek starring alongside one of the greatest nang’eks. It’s pretty amazing since Tik doesn’t really accept too many lakorns. It sounds like Tik is loving lakorns again since his last starring role in “Wanida” lakorn. The reviews were so good that where ever he went, people would call him “Punthree Prajuck”

Upon investigating, Daradaily found out that Khun Nit Orapan Watharapol from Polyplus is also thinking about pairing Tik up with sexy nang’ek like Aump Patcharapa Chaichue. Aside from that, manager Jae Gai Worayut Milinitjinda is also keeping his eyes on Tik to act in “Kaan Sen Ha” where Tik’s younger brother, Tun Pichetchai Poldee, will also be acting in.

He’s the most wanted pra’ek indeed! Stay tuned to see what happens next!!

Source: Daradaily

One response to “Tik Jessadaporn is #1 most wanted pra'ek

  1. Oh my gosshh!
    I am soo happy to hear this.. !!
    Words can’t explain how excited i am.
    I’m so glad that finally after all this time
    they’re finally pairing up together
    CAN’T WAIT!!!

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