"Marsha-Krit" new love interests?!

After outspoken DJ Krit and divorcee Marsha Wattanapanich announced their break-up, everyone has been keeping an eye on the two to see who will be the next girlfriend/boyfriend for either party. For Marsha, there is a rumor saying that she is currently seeing a ‘farang’ businessman. As for DJ Krit, there has been news saying that he is talking to both Jah Natthaweeranuch Tongmee and Kree Pasaweepitch.

After meeting with DJ Krit, we couldn’t help but ask…

Did you accept work as a couple with Jah to create news?

“This work was accepted a long time ago, even before the new year. I did not accept this work to create news or use this news to accept event jobs.”

There’s news that you are flirting and seeing Jah to the point of doing business together. Is that true?

“With Jah, there is nothing like that at all. Jah is also not a partner, but we did business to help each other. We are just working together. We are both single. I even told Jah that’s it’s better to be single first and to just work together in events first.”

What about the news with Kree? Are you guys really seeing each other?

“With Kree, we are just working together. We do talk to each other, but about work. When we see each other, we talk about work. We don’t talk to each other about anything else but this. We are not flirting or seeing each other at all.”

Did you get the opportunity to see the sexy fashion shoot that Marsha took for a magazine yet?

“I saw it already krub. It’s ok na. It’s sexy, but the older fashion sets are sexier na.”

Before taking the fashion shoot, did Marsha tell you or ask permission from you first?

“There’s no need to krub. Before when we were still together, she never ask for permission from me. The same goes for now when we broken up, she doesn’t need to ask me because she’s old enough. She can accept her own work. She doesn’t need to ask anyone for anything.”

Did you hear about the news of Marsha seeing a businessman that is a ‘farang’?

“I didn’t know about this news krub and I don’t feel anything because we are already broken up. We both have the right to see whoever we want.”

Do you still miss Marsha and do you guys still talk to each other?

“We still talk to each other the same, but only as friends.”

Are you thinking of moving on yet?

“Right now, I want to be single. I want to just work because I have my own business too so it’s a lot of work. I don’t want to think of anything else.”

Source: Daradaily

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