Paula Taylor is 3 months pregnant!

The beautiful actress Paula Taylor is going to be a mother! In a telephone interview from England, Paula expresses her feelings, “Having a baby as a New Years present is really good”. She reveals that she will be giving birth in England. As for working in the industry, it’s very unlikely for now.

Congratulations, We heard you’re pregnant! How far along are you and when did you know?

“We just found out after getting tested that I’m 3 months now.”

How has your husband been preparing to take care of you and what hospital are you caring at?

“After he found out, Ed (Edward) was really happy. He’s been making me delicious food every day. With this pregnancy, I am caring at a hospital here in England and will give birth here. That way, we can take care of each other.”

You’re probably really excited. How have you prepared for your first baby? How much morning sickness are you getting?

“I don’t feel anything at all and I don’t feel any morning sickness either. At that time, I was still working like normal that’s why we just found out. After finding out, I decided to turn around and take better care of myself.”

How are both of your families reacting to this?

“Everyone is really excited, because this will be their first grandchild on both sides of the family.”

Are you excited to be a mother? Do you want a girl or boy? Will you be having a second baby right after?

“I am really excited because everything is new. I have to prepare for everything. I’ve beginning reading books on how to take care of a baby already. It doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or boy kaa. As for a second baby, we haven’t planned that far yet, because we want to take care of this one first. And another thing is because I want to come back and work like before.”

Did you decide to live in England because you want the news of you being pregnant to die down?

“No kaa. We already planned to come celebrate New Years here and Ed is preparing his book here. Plus, he’s in the exam period so I want to stay here with him for support.”

For your friends in the industry, how excited are they to have a niece/nephew? Is anyone coming to visit you in England?

“Once they all found out, they were so excited because this is the first baby in our group of friends. Some of my friends are already making plans to come visit.”

Honestly, are you worried about the news of you being pregnant since you just got married and now you’re 3 months pregnant?

“Not at all, because we think that this is something good for both of our lives. It is a New Years gift for the both of us and it is something that is really good for both of our families.”

After having a baby, will you be coming back to work in the industry?

“I will be traveling back and forth from Thailand to here like before, because I still have a business that I need to look after. And I will have to come back and continue working kaa.”

Source: Thairath

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