Predictions 2011 By Arjarn Luck

Famous celebrity psychic Arjarn Luck Laekanites predicts the future for celebrities in 2011.

“Film” Rattapoom Tohkongsub

His reputation is doomed but there’s a chance for a comeback. In the past, two incidents have happened to him, being the incident with Sia Ood & Annie Brook. Both of these scandals put him on front page news and made everyone knew his name.

If Film didn’t have a strong fate, he would not have survived till this day. He would have been a falling star, or even dead. But as a result of his good fortune, he survived.

In 2011, there is a chance that Film will be popular again but he must be cautious of his past sins. And possibly he could be involved in another scandal. The best advice for Film is to offer forgiveness to everyone. If Film tries to use his connections to seek revenge on his court case, it would back fire and Karma will get him twice as bad.

Film is destined to marry a foreigner and his reputation will be jeopardized next month. However, he will find a good soul mate, some one older, chubbier and famous. She will look similar to Janie Tienpohsuwan.

From Jan – May, he will be involved in a rumour with her and in 2013 – 2015, he may be married to her. After marriage, Film will still be famous.

Janie Tienpohsuwan

According to Janie’s star sign, Janie will find it hard to find her soul mate. Her true soul mate will be a divorced man, 8 – 10 years her senior. Appearance wise, he will have a large forehead. Film also fits in the category of having a large forehead.

Janie should be involved with a man who has been involved in a relationship before, someone who had been married before or had a family. If the man is younger than Janie, he will need to be more mature than her. He also needs to be a religious man who may even be scandalous but regardless of how famous the man may be, once he is involved with Janie, he will be disciplined by her.

Janie has a tendency to get bored of someone once she has tamed them.

Marsha Wattanapanich

Marsha is destined to be heartbroken for the rest of her life. Regardless of whomever she gets herself involved with, they will break her heart.

In this life time, she should not be married. She is better off staying single. However, there will be an exception if she gets involved with a foreigner.

In 2011, her life will change. She will hide her romance and a foreigner will mend her broken heart in 2012 – 2014. Marsha is prone to be sensitive and vulnerable when she’s in love.

“Aump” Patcharapa Chaichuer

Aump has a good fortune. She is destined to be very wealthy. In the past, she has had a lot of men trouble, a lot of break ups and make ups, very unstable. However, 2011 will not be the end of it. After 24th May, she will be faced with old karma. She will need to be careful when it comes to legal issue and lawsuits. In her career, she will be supported and will receive a good sum of money.

According to her star sign, she is a loyal person and very charming. She also attracts married men. Her soul mate is destined to be from a wealthy family and an educated man. According to her destiny, she will have to get a know her soul mate for a period of time before settling down.

She should also have a quiet wedding, if she has a big wedding, (เจ้ากรรมนายเวร Jao Gum Nai  Waen) or people whom she has committed sins to in her previous life will seek revenge on her.

In 2013 – 2014 there is a 70 – 80% chance that she will get married. Whoever gets to marry Aump will grow even more prosperous.

“Ken” Theradeth Wonpuapan

This year will be the year where Ken becomes more successful and famous than he has been in the past. He will be extremely famous, wealth will be flooding in and his life will be prosperous and successful. Even after marriage, Ken was still famous. Ken is loved by the people as a result of his family man image.

Marriage made him even more successful, and twice as hot as he was before. However, he should be careful as he could be involved in an accident this year.

Anne Tongprasom

Anne is destined to be a shining star forever. In 2011, her fortune is looking good, she could be married and she doesn’t need to worry about her fame as even after she is wed, people will still love her.

Anne will be married within this year and no later than 4th May. If she doesn’t get married, then she should be careful of unexpected pregnancy. According to her star sign, she will have to make a decision on something this year and her soul mate has to be an older man, or if he’s younger then he needs to be more mature than her in his way of thinking. Most importantly, he has to be a workaholic and temperamental.

“Aff” Taksaorn Paksoukchareon

Aff’s star sign is like fire on a rice straw, she will not be very memorable. She is destined to be famous, but her fame star is sitting in the same position as her death star, therefore she will not be loved. She will be loved, but not remembered.

As for love life, her star sign says she is destined to be with a workaholic, someone with status or someone with a bad temper, someone charming and a bit of a player. The man she is with now could be the one if they can stay together longer than 2011. In 2012, there’s a chance that she could have a sudden wedding. And there’s a possibility that she could fall pregnant very easily.

“Bird” Tongchai Mcintyre

This is the year for a come back for P’Bird. And he will not only become famous, but he will become extremely famous. However, he needs to be careful when it comes to his health because this year, there will a sudden death in the ET industry.

“Golf” Pichaya Nithipaisarnkul

According to Golf’s star sign, this year will be the best year for him. He will be extremely famous and rich. He will be more famous than before and more charming. There is also a chance that his career could go international.

Golf could also become a forever star, there is a possibility that his fame will last forever , even after he gets married. But the best thing for him is to stay single till he is 30 years old.

The more he acts like a player, the more he will be loved. In 2012 – 2013, he is destined to be heartbroken, so try not to fall in love and concentrate on work.

“Chompoo” Araya A Hartgett

Chompoo is better off single than married. Chompoo is happier when she is single, when she is in love, she is often unhappy. Her star sign is unlucky in love. From Jan – April, there’s a possibility that she could be involved in a scandal or something devastating. Her boyfriend might cheat on her. If she gets married, something bad will happen. Getting married will ruin her, so be careful. Also a married man might try to get involve with her this year.

“Pinky” Savika Chaidech

According to Pinky’s star sign, her career could go international. But she needs to be careful in romance. Scandals could ruin her, the best advice I could give her is to leave the country and work overseas.

“Tik” Jessadaporn Pholdee

This year Tik will make a come back. But he must try and maintain his marriage because a 3rd hand will enter his relationship. There’s an 80% chance that a girl will come into his life. In Tik’s last life time, he was involved with 3-6 women so in this life time, after he has committed himself to only one woman, there is a chance that another woman will offer herself to him with no strings attached. If Tik gives in to temptation and commits adultery, his life will be chaotic and the woman will never leave him.

There will be women trouble for Tik in 2011. As for having an heir, he could have a child at any time, he just has to make sure he doesn’t get involve with another woman that is not his wife.

Tik is destined to have many children.

“Pancake” Khemanid Jamikorn

Pancake is destined to be very unlucky in love, funtong! Love will make her miserable for the rest of her life. In 2011, she will not be as famous as she has been in the past two years. This year, her career will fall after 4th May. Her career will fall badly, she will break up with her boyfriend, lose her job and be involved in a scandalous clip. After 24 May, she will definitely suffer a break up and a bad rumour, something really scandalous. It might be something similar to what Film Rattapoom has suffered.

“Pae” Arak Amornsupasiri

Pae is charming and will be loved for a very long time. In the past, it seems like his fame is on and off but from this year on, he will be very successful. Pae is destined to be with an older woman, a divorced woman, mixed race, talented, a singer whose music might not be good, but likable to the public.

Barry Nadech

This year will be a good year for Nadech. But there will be women trouble, some mysterious occurrence involving romance. There is a chance that Nadech will be involved with more than one person, he may even be involved with someone of the same sex, with and without his knowledge.

Workwise, there’s a chance his career will go international. He is destined to be famous and wealthy. However his love life is a worry.


In 2011, Yaya will become even more famous, but beware of sudden road accidents

Source via Thairath

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