Nadej will never change despite fame

We’ve talked to Nadej Kukimiya or “Barry” before when his first lakorn “Ngao Ruk Luong Jai” was about to go on-air. Now, he’s becoming more famous with his new lakorn “Duang Jai Akanee” that is currently on-air. He is currently the HOT guy that every girl wants to meet at this moment. Now, Barry Nadej had come back to visit Dailynews once again bringing memories from the past!


When you were younger, what were you like?

I was the curious kind. I liked to find things to do. I would ask my mother this and that. I was very bold. I would play and fall, climb trees…”

When you were little, did you ever ask your parents to buy you anything?

“I really liked to play with legos. Every time we came to Bangkok, we would go to Central World. I would look to see if new legos were out. We would buy them to play with my older brother, but I never kept my own money to buy them krub (laughs).”

Were you the baby child?

“Not really krub. Whatever I can do, my mom would let me do it. But, whatever my mom sees that she can do for me, she would do it.”

When you were little, did you have any dreams?

“I had many dreams. I wanted to be this and that. I wanted to be an inventor, an astronaut, many things. Something like that. I’ve never thought about being an actor krub. Lets just say that I got lucky. I never searched to be one, but it just came to me itself.”

Nadej’s hero

Do you have a hero?

“I would probably say my dad krub.”

But right now, other people are making you their hero. How do you feel about that?

“Some mothers have said that their 5-6 year old sons really like me. They look up to me. There was also this younger kid on Pantip website, or my fanclub website I’m not sure, they’re about college age or about my age. they didn’t focus on school. But after they got to know me as an actor, they didn’t let go of learning. They left a comment for me saying that they are rethinking things and doing new things. I think it’s because they have faith in me. Knowing this, it makes me want to do things so they can follow me. It’s like I’m their support for them. This helps support me in myself.”

Public image

After your lakorn went on-air, how has your life changed?

“It’s still the same, but I just need to change it a little bit. Like, I have to manage my time wisely because I have school as well. I have to plan things out and make it better than before. I also have to manage my anger. I’ve learned to be calm. Religion helped me a lot.”

So, does that mean in the past you get irritated a lot?

“I wouldn’t say that it effected my life, but it’s more like ‘why do they get this involved in my life?’ ‘why do they follow me this much?’ I’ve always wondered and I never understood why. I can easily say that til this day, I talk to Pra Ajarn about this. He teaches me a lot. I get a lot of positive things to think about from him. It gives me a lot of faith in myself, that why I am like this now. Right now, everything is in place. But the future, I don’t know. I don’t know what I will be like.”

Did you learn about Buddhism too?

“Absolutely krub. I am a very religious person. Every time I go back, I try to find time to go see Pra Ajarn. This time when I returned, I got to go back to Wat Luong Paw Merng at Kalasin. I went to pay him respect and continued to go to Tue Waeng Yai at Khon Kaen. I went see Luang Paw. The latest, I went to see Luang Paw at Phu Wiang krub.”

Why do you study it?

“Luang Paw Tong Bai at Wat Na Luong told me before that people who are not monks, there are two roads: this world and the teachings of Buddha. These two things go hand in hand. If we fall into the riches of this world too much, the teachings would die. This world will die. If we make it equal, there will be both happiness and suffering. Therefore, since there are two ways of living, if we mix them up, it will allow us to continue our lives in the right way. It’s the best way. As for meditating, I don’t do it that much. At this age, I’m not patient enough to sit there and meditate. I can only sit like that for 5 minutes. I do pray though. I try to think about many different things that he’s taught me and try to use them. Sometimes I fall, but if I have a clear mind I can do it. Everyone is different krub, depends which way they want to do with it.”

You’ve become famous really fast, have you gotten time to accept the changes?

“Well, if a lot of people think of it that way, I think the same. It is fast for me, but the opportunity is here. I don’t want to let it go. As for myself, I’m happy to have come to this point. I’m happy to have all the people that has been there for me: my father, my mother, my family. It’s a good feeling. It makes me have strength when I’m working. Everyday, I am working, not for myself but for my family. It’s my responsibility and I know what I need to do.”

The higher you get, the colder

Do you think it’s true what people say, the higher you get the colder it is?

“Yes, krub. But if we prepare a jacket first, it won’t be as cold. It’s certain that it will be. How high? We’ll just have to wait and see. But I probably won’t get my hopes too high. It’s better to take one step at a time.”

Honestly, are you a good student? And after you became a celebrity how much more did you have to emphasize education?

“I’m not a good student krub. I’m not very studious. Sometimes I don’t even go to class because I’m busy with work. But every time I do go, I try my best to listen to the professor. Every time I stare at the professor, they always stare back at me. Whoever really listens to them, they’ll know. If we’re really listening, if makes them want to teach. It makes me want to absorb everything right there. When it’s time for exams, I just read enough to understand. When I’m taking the test, I get it right. My grades are ok.”

Being a celebrity, do they push for education? Like, do you have to be a good student?

“For me, I don’t think it’s something to be serious about. It my job to go to school and work. I made school my priority. I have to take responsibility and do the best I can. The 2nd term that I will be graduating, I told me mom that I might not get a 3 like before. My mom said that it’s ok. The thing that I have to worry about is the time of how I’m going to manage my schedule. I have to act in lakorns, so I have to find out how I can do better at that. It’s tiring, but any job is.”

Do you feel like giving up sometimes?

“I do krub. I keep telling myself and my mom that I’m tired. But in reality it’s not so much compared to those who work for only 150 baht (about $5 USD) carrying bags of rice at about 11kg (about 25 lbs) each. Those people are probably more tired than me. I also think that it’s worth it in the end. It something that people around my age, 19, are yearning for. I’m happy if people can think like this krub.”

Sweet-smelling skin

Do you think you’re skin is sweet-smelling?

“I feel like I’m very fragrant (laughs). I don’t even have anyone yet krub. I just have old friends. It’s better to be friends. I don’t go flirting with them. But I still keep my heart open na krub. As for beauty, I think anyone is ok as long as they have a good personality. They don’t have to be that pretty. I like anything, I’m easy krub.”

There really are no girls that come in your life?

“There are krub, but it’s not like the first thing they do is come flirt. They just come talk like friends first because if they weren’t interested, they wouldn’t have come in the first place. They want to be my friend, but that doesn’t mean they want to be my girlfriend. As for how I feel about them, I feel good. I have good feelings towards them. I don’t have time for a girlfriend, I’m not ready. At most, I’d probably have time to message them, I probably won’t have time to take them out even for a movie or concert. I just think it’s better for me to love myself right now. I don’t even have time to go to the movies myself. I’d rather go watch it with my friends, it’s more fun than taking girls out. It’s a different kind of happiness. The other kind, lets just wait.”

If you have a girlfriend, will you reveal her?

“One day, they will come. Probably when I’m 20 or 21 when I can take that responsibility. Whenever I can be responsible for another person, I will have one. Right now, I’m studying a lot. But if there were someone to give me support, that would be another kind of happiness. But right now, that kind of happiness will probably come from my father, mother, and friends. I have girl friends too, but a girlfriend, I don’t have yet krub.”

Is there anything you want to say to the younger generation since it’s Children’s Day?

“I would like to tell all the readers and the younger generation to trust in what your father and mother tell you. No matter how old and adult you are, if you still have a father and mother, listen to them. Don’t ever forget them. Sometimes you might not want to hear it, but just let it come through one ear and out the other. Don’t argue. Whatever mom and dad teach you, you might use it in the future. Remember what they teach you. Don’t use other people as an example. Use you father and mother as an example. They are our first teachers in life na krub.”

Source: Dailynews

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