Annie Brooks: I'm living for him

No matter if it’s old year or new year, news about celebrities in the industry will still always be in the interest of the public. We can say that the interest hasn’t lessened at all, not even for a little. Lately, fans wanted to know the update on lukkreung actress “Annie Brooks“, who was involved in one of the biggest scandals of this past year with superstar singer “Film” Rathapoom Tohkongsub. They want to know what her life is like right now. After meeting with her, we didn’t hesitate shooting questions.

How has your physical and emotional health been?

“Right now, I can’t say I feel like the sky after a storm has passed. Everything has quiet down, so I’m able to live life for confortably. But I probably have some feeling of suffering deep inside my heart.”

The suffering that you talk of, what is it about?

“It’s about the future of my son. I have to look for him. I have to pave the way for him. I’m not a rich person na. I have think about what I can do for him to make his future secure. I have to have enough money to support him.”

“I used to think that if I didn’t have my child, my life would be meaningless. I wouldn’t know who to live for. I would just live my life day by day. I never wanted to have anything, I never wanted. Right now, I don’t want to have or want anything na, but I know what I’ll be fighting for in the future. It gives me the strength and power to get back up. It makes me think about the future. I want to keep moving forward, I don’t want to turn back or stay in the same spot. I really feel like he filled the emptiness in my life. Before, the sky  was white for me, or gray. But after having a child, it’s bright and orange in my life kaa.”

After the news mellowed down, have you had the opportunity to meet with that one person?

“I haven’t seen him at all kaa. I didn’t even go to his ordination ceremony. There may be times before that, I sent a message through someone for him. If we talk about him at this time, I still feel good.”

Do you still love him?

“It’s more like I feel good towards him kaa. Right now, he already has someone that he loves. Deep down inside I still worry for him, because what happened between him and I hurt us both.”

Do you think you will close yourself? Like, will you not have a new boyfriend?

“I really can’t answer about the future kaa, but as for the near future, it can’t happen. My heart is wounded kaa. I feel like it’s still a flesh wound type of wound. I can’t open it yet. I have to take care of and pay attention to my son right now. I have to take good care of him first. I really can’t say when I will have one, but in the near future it is for sure a no kaa.”

What are your plans in raising your child?

“I am Buddhist, so I want my child to have Buddhism as a base. You can dress boys, from the moment they are born to 10 years of age, in anything you want. When they become teenagers, that’s when you can’t dress them anymore. They will trust their friends and other people more than their father and mother. But if we build them a good base, even though they might stray away, in the end they will come back to what we built them. Buddhism is the best thing to build their base for boys.”

During the time of the news, people said that you were doing this for money…

“Honestly, many people said that na kaa. They said that I did this for money. I just want to say that ever since the news til this day, I don’t even have more than 10 jobs. I’d rather take no more than 5 jobs. It’s better. The event jobs that I get are the ones you see. It’s no more than 3-4 times. Not even 10 times. I don’t even get much money for each event because I’m not famous. Even though I’m in the industry, but I’m not a big superstar that can ask for a lot of money like hundreds of thousands of baht. I can’t. Latest, my kinds of roles are comedy. So, I get those kinds of rates. I don’t get much. Plus, I don’t have any jobs kaa. The only jobs that I got were from Work Point. I don’t have any new jobs at all.”

Would you say your life is easy or hard right now?

“I would say that it’s still hard because I don’t have much work in the industry. It’s not like how other people say that I get a 7 figure job saying that I get commercial jobs and such. As you can see now, I don’t have much work. I didn’t make a pocketbook or make myself have a lot of jobs.”

Is there a possibility that in the future you will do more sexy photoshoots?

“Right now, my age is not young anymore. Ever since I worked with Work Point for 5-6 years, they allowed me to change my role to a more comedy one. I’ve never photographed sexy because I never liked those kinds of things. It’s not in my personality. The reason why I did it because it’s a job. I was able to save money for a short period of time. In my whole life, I’ve never done one. After getting a better job, I let that go. I don’t want it. If in the future people offer it to me, I’d do a swimsuit one with my son like other celebrities do with their kids. If you want sexy or give me so much money for it, I won’t take it. I don’t need it. From now on, if I’m going to do anything, I have to think of him first. I’m not trying to create anything for money na kaa, but I have to think when he grows up. He might now be happy when he knows.”

The news said that you allowed a doctor to adopt Nong Tekayu. Why did you allow that to happen?

“But I didn’t completely give Tekayu na kaa. Only in name. The Doctor is a professor at Mahidol University and a surgeon of Thailand. I’ve known him for a long time now because we are close. He also said that he will take care of Nong Tekayu’s education whenever he starts school. It’s a contract by word. There’s no need for a paper contract. One day when The Doctor says that he can’t do it anymore, it’s ok. I will have to find another way to find money for him. The Doctor has a good heart kaa.”

Is the case still active?

“Yes there is kaa. There’s one where they sued me and there are 2 more cases that I sued them. The elders are taking care of it all.”

If all 3 of the elders came to clear, what would you say?

“That is up to the future, I really can’t answer that kaa. If all were going to clear, they would probably have cleared a long time ago. They probably wouldn’t have let it get to the point of suing kaa.”

Right now, do you want to say our explain anything?

“I know that I can’t lessen everything. I am not able to satisfy everyone. I am just one person. I already did my best kaa.”

If you have the opportunity to meet that person, would you?

“The things that I have said before is still the same. I think that he should already know. He should already remember what I said. I still feel that way always. I never thought that it would get this far, but since it did we have to accept it because it’s not just me and him that is getting hurt, but it’s both of us.”

Source: Dailynews

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