Nutt's sister "Praewa" still under investigation for charges

Updating the article from December 31st, Police Officers are still investigating “Praewa” and the owner of the Honda Civic. They are currently waiting for both to give their statements on why a 17 year old minor caused an accident claiming many lives as well as injuring others.

On January 4th, reporters updated news on the status of the case regarding “Praewa” or Miss Orachon Thephassadin Na Ayuttaya, the 17 year old younger sister of young pra’ek “Nutt” Thephassadin Na Ayuttaya driving the white Honda Civic. The Honda Civic was allegedly speeding, colliding at the rear of a mini bus near the entrance of an express way. The collision caused passengers in the mini bus to be thrown out of the vehicle, resulting in 9 deaths while leaving many others injured.

The officer in charge of the case revealed that officials are currently preparing for the statements of the 17 year old minor on January 5th. As for the owner of the Honda Civic, officials already know who it is and have invited them to give a statement. The owner is currently out of town, but plans to come give a statement on their day off. Officials said that they will consolidate all evidence of all parties involved and then decide on the person that gave permission for the 17 year old minor to drive. They will also be charging the minor as well.

Source: Zupzip

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