"Mak" Praises "Mint" Non-Stop!

Well it looks like trouble is coming hard since everyone is giving rookie actor, “Mak” Prin Suparat the title of  “The New Cassanova”. Who has been on the mouth of gossipers non-stop and involved with different women from “Mint” Nutvara to “Mint” Chalida, but it looks like “Mint” Chalida will be the winner because “Mak” teases and compliments her continuously.“It’s not as hard as I thought it was…for ‘Patapee Ley Rak’. At first I was a bit tense and it was the first time that I was meeting Mint. I was secretly scared if she would talk to me or not, but when we did meet each other, I’m the one who ended up teasing her often. She’s cute and she focuses on her work, so it made us close to one another.” Mak came out to deny that he’s hitting on Mint, but drops compliments about her! Eh..What is he intending?!

[Source via Gossip Star]

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