"Boy" Pakorn Claims "Time" Was What Caused Him and "Oie" To Break Up!

In the end actor, “Boy” Pakorn Chaatrobhirak came out to admit that he has broken up with his outside the entertainment business girlfriend, “Nong Oie” already.

After hiding the break up for quite some time where Boy claimed that there wasn’t any time that caused the two former couple to grow distant from one another. It has nothing to do with the news of actress Kimberly Ann Tiamsiri coming in between the former couple.

Boy revealed, “We don’t talk to each other anymore. We have broken up not so long ago. It was a little before the new year. The truth is that we had been having trouble a bit. The problem is that those who start to date will most likely have conflicts with one another which occurred about 2-3 months that passed and work caused us to be distant from each other more also.”

What’s the reason for your break-up?

“The main reason was because of time. It was like when we started to become distant from one another we start to distance ourself more and then we’ll have trouble talking to one another. We start to not be sure of ourselves and hesitant, so we decide to end the relationship.” (Did you both end on good terms?) “It was good. We didn’t have any tensions towards one another. As for who ended the relationship, it was mutual between the both of us because when there were problems we both had problems.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Daily News]

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