Bird Thongchai returns with new album "Asa Sanook"

The real superstar is here!! It is no one else but p’Bird Thongchai McIntyre that has recently returned back with a new album “Asa Sanook”.

p’Bird will be spoiling his fans this coming February 26-27 with a big “Bird Asa Sanook” Concert in efforts to promote his new album Asa Sanook. We are anticipating that this event will certainly be bigger than all of his other events before! Lets take a look at his recent interview:

Many people see you as an icon, what would you suggest to them?

“I think everyone is smart na krub. Since they want to know, they ask me. But being able to stand here today is the most important thing. If they really love what they do, they have to fight for it themselves.”

What are your principles?

“I know what I’m doing right now and I am honest in what I do, that’s all. I prepare for the results that will be given to me. I’m doing things right now knowing what the results will be. Like, whatever I’m saying now, I already know what the results will be. You have to prepare for the future.”

The results are extremely good as you can see the feedback on YouTube.

“Right krub. It’s about #20 worldwide on YouTube krub. I’m really happy, I’m proud, and I want to thank everyone. For me to be here today is because of you all (raises his hand to waii). To know that there are many people out there who want to have fun (sanook) with us makes me happy krub.”

The album seems pretty colorful in itself, pretty broad with many different flavors.

“This album is the original from me. It represents my true self. I’m a fun and positive person krub. It’s very energetic.”

How have you contributed to this album?

“I have contributed a lot to this album krub. I have many of my songs. There songs that I’ve cut myself to see which ones are better.”

How about the dance moves?

“It’s pop krub. I emphasize the fun (sanook) that we’ve all had in this album. It doesn’t have to do anything with what’s popular right now, but the singing might be more modernized. The dance for the concert tomorrow is ready because we’ve practiced everyday krub. I honestly have to say that it feels like being in the industry for the first time. It’s fun and I’m happy.”

How do you feel coming out amongst all the younger artists that are popular right now, but you are still holding the image of “Bird”?

“I’m proud na krub.  I think it’s the love that we have that was built from the road we’ve walked together. All the younger generation that like pop, I like it too because it’s something different and beautiful. It’s also something that is always modern. But when we look at Thailand after coming back from different places, we have to take care of our own home. We have to take care of our people so they can have fun too. Most important, we are all the same people.”

Are 2 rounds enough?

“For me, no. It depends on how many people will come to watch. The more the better na krub so we can have fun longer.”

Will you still be having any international tours?

“There still will be krub. Having concert tours is not like doing it and then it’s done. When we have a concert, it’s instant. We open for ticket sales, then we have the concert. Whenever I’m free, it happens. It’s not like other countries where they have to do promotions first. Because of that, we have to just go at it. Whenever this on is done, on to the next. Where ever Thai people are at, I will bring the fun to them krub.”

What would you like to leave with your fans?

“I want to thank everyone for having fun with me. Hopefully, it helps everyone have some fun. It’s already the new year, so I would like Buddha to look over all of us so we all can have fun na krub. We’ve been through a lot already. I hope we all get to see what we want to see and be happy forever krub.”

Anyone who wants to have fun with p’Bird, be sure to check out his concert “Bird Asa Sanook” on February 26-27 na kaa!

Source: Zupzip

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Artist: Bird Thongchai (เบิร์ด ธงชัย)

Album: Asa Sanook (อาสาสนุก)

Release date : 22 December 2010

Publisher: Grammy

Track List

1. Yoo khon diew : อยู่คนเดียว
2. Rao ma Sing : เรามา Sing
3. Too Much So Much Very Much
4. Yark bork ruk : อยากบอกรัก
5. Takone wa ruk…wa ruk : ตะโกนว่ารัก…ว่ารัก
6. Yah tum yang nee mai wa kub krai…kao jai mai : อย่าทำอย่างนี้ไม่ว่ากับใคร…เข้าใจไหม
7. Rong hai tummai : ร้องไห้ทำไม
8. Chee nae : ชี้แนะ
9. Oak mee wai huk : อกมีไว้หัก
10. Alone
11. Lhok kong khon ngao : โลกของคนเหงา
12. Nub rueng dee dee : นับเรื่องดีๆ

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