"Chat" Compliments "Aof" Chanpol As Cute; Ignores Those Who Wish For Off-Screen Romance

After having signed a contract with Channel 7 already actress, “Chat” Priyachat Limtammahisorn begins her first drama role under the channel with ‘Seua Sung Fah’ which she get’s paired up with actor, “Aof” Chanapol and had “Chat” complimenting “Aof” saying he is very hospitable that have many wanting to support or cheer for an off-screen romance between the two.

“As for the drama, ‘Seua Sung-Fah’ we had done a lot of recording for it already. It’s a period drama and there are some action, and CG (computer graphics) also. In the drama I don’t get to have any action roles because I’m privileged child, but others will have fighting scenes.” (After acting with Aof now, how was it?) “He’s really cute, a good conservator, he’s a playful talker, and it’s easy to talk to him.” (Is there romance off-screen?) “No, there’s not. There’s none with others on set also. We all just focus on work instead. When I arrive on set there aren’t that much people that I meet and when I do it’s “Ying” that I see often.”

Is there someone “special” looking after you?

“No, there’s not. They take care of everyone good on set.” (After signing your contract with Channel 7 has “Khun Dang” given you more or little work?) “I think it’s at the OK stage. Right now I’m working and going to school at the same time. If there was more than this then I wouldn’t be able to handle it. It’s good that it’s continuously because I’m not good yet.”

Besides the drama, ‘Seua Sung-Fah’ are there any other dramas for you?

“I don’t know about that yet.” (What role do you want to take on the most?) “I want to take on every role. I want to change it constantly so that I can learn and become a better actress.” (Is it because  of school that you can’t do much?) “A little, but if there are schedules to go to drama sets then I’ll go on set.”

[Source Entertain Teenee]

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