Top Hit Lakorns of 2010

Channel 7‘s comedy romance lakorn, ‘Sao Chai Hi-Tech’ takes the top lead with “Om” Akapan Namart and “Jui/Jooy”  Warattaya Nilkuha. With the highest rating of 16.6 and an estimated 10.429 million viewers it’s not a wonder at all that Channel 7 took the top spot for the highest rating lakorn of the year.

As for the action genre, Channel 7 has reigned supreme 2 years in a row already with their lakorn, ‘Nak Su Pan Kao Niew’ which opened with a 16.4 rating and as for the lakorn ‘Pra Jun Laai Payak’ that took the top ratings for 4 weeks in a row with a rating of 15.6. It was also the starting role for hot actor, “Om” Akapan.

As for the life genre after news lakorn would have to given to ‘Rak Nai Man Mek’ which had a very high rating on it’s premiere night and ended with a 21.5 rating on it’s finale night and gave actress, “Min” Pichaya Watthanamontree her stardom.

Other then that lakorns after the news had also received will recognitions by the viewers including ‘Aati Hong Fa’ (13.5), ‘Tawan Yor Saeng’ (12.6), ‘Nak Kaa Khon Dta Ngon’ (11.9), ‘Jao Sao Rim Taang’ (11.8), ‘Parr Nu Bpen Superstar’ (11.7). Evening lakorn ratings aren’t any less inferior to after news lakorns because it has showed a great amount of viewers also.

As for the upcoming year, 2011, lakorn fans have a lot to look forward for in the upcoming year with different varities of genre from famous remakes of ‘Tawi-pop’, ‘Faa Jarod Sai’, ‘Nai Roi Rak’, ‘Seua Sang Faa’, ‘Koo Kaen Saen Rak‘, and ‘Sanae Bangkok’ which will all air through Channel 7.

We’ll have to give it up to Channel 3 for the “sweet sweet superstar goddesses”, ‘Rabum Duang Dao’.

As for Channel 3’s side you can say that their lakorns are getting a lot of appreciation from viewers who are split into 2 groups; Viewers across the country and viewers across the city/town. The lakorn after the news that has won over many viewers is, ‘Tuddao Bussaya’ (starring “Por” Thissadee and “Punch” Warakarn) which has many lakorn fans saying the special phrase, “Jao ha” that is used by the heroine while disguising as a boy has become a popular phrase. Followed by this would have to be a high rating lakorn, ‘Wiwa Wa Woon’ that has 2 very famous actor/actress, “Ken” Theeradeth and “Chompoo” Araya meet for the first time in this romantic comedy lakorn.

While lakorn, ‘Rabum Duang Dao‘ is dubbed as the “Sweet sweet superstar goddesses” which has to be given a thumb up because it has been well received by viewers in the city/town especially from female viewers who may have errands or business to do, but will rush home just to catch this for “Waan Waan” played by “Ploy” Chermarn who took on the evil role and did her part so well that viewers are so in with her character. This became the starting point for singer, “Lydia”  Sarunratch as an actress.

But the lakorn ‘Rabum Duang Dao’ is a hit by those living in the city/town and the truth is that it sliced into the lakorn, ‘Wanida’ only by a little bit because when “Major Prajuk” (played by Tik Jedssadaporn) was a major heartthrob with his handsome features won over the female viewers, but at the same time “Wanida” (played by “Aff” Tucksaorn) won the heart of the male viewers. If they didn’t have a girlfriend yet they sure wanted one that was prim, proper, and beautiful like “Wanida” (keep on dreaming fellas!) Followed by the lakorn, ‘Waan Jai Gup Nai Jom Ying’ and for the lakorn that received a the number4 spot would have to be ‘4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Kao’ with ‘Thara Himalai’ (starring “Umm” Artichart and Kimberly Ann) that kicked off the 40th year of Channel 3 which opened many doors for many newbie actors and actresses. Followed by the 5th lakorn is ‘Wiwa Wa Woon‘ and at the number 6 spot is ‘Tuddao Bussaya’ and ‘4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Kao’ with ‘Duang Jai Akkanee’ (starring “Barry” Nadech and “Yaya” Urassaya) taking the 7th spot and for the 8th spot is “Kularb Rai Naam’ (starring “Rome” Patchata and “Yaya” Urassaya) which introduced newbie actress, “Yaya” Urassaya Sperbuen.

As for the lakorn that is for newly weds, those who are married or couple lakorns would have to be ‘365 Wun Haeng Rak’ (starring “Ken” Theeradeth and Anne Thongprasom) didn’t receive well ratings from those in the city since it was the 5th lakorn that the favorite on screen couple met that their fan club hasn’t recovered yet that they followed their work. Finishing with ‘Suay, Rerd, Cherd, Sode’ (starring Janie  Tienpohsuwan and “Film” Rattapoom) that fans were so into the couple (and even the couple themselves that almost came from on screen to off screen reality) caused viewers hilarity and humor.

If you really think about it Channel 3 has a lot of varieties of lakorns for viewers to choose from, but the ratings weren’t looking so good. As for Channel 7 has received well ratings for their lakorns. But no matter what a lakorn shouldn’t be based on ratings, but instead by the quality of the work, storyline, producers, directors, and actors to determine which one suits you well. Those who are involved with making lakorns tries their best to make their lakorn good so that the viewers will be satisfied with it.

Channel 5‘s ‘Malai Saam Chai‘ is viewers favorites until it falls.

Speaking of lakorns airing on Channel 5 there would have to be about 7 lakorns that aired and the lakorn that was well received by viewers would have to be ‘Malai Saam Chai’ from “Boy” Takolkiet who give his all to this lakorn and had a lot of those in the entertainment industry speaking that making a period lakorn is the hardest to make and if you don’t have the skills than the lakorn wouldn’t be as interesting and the viewers would lose interest in it. But “Boy” was superb and did his best and as for the lakorn that didn’t have good ratings would have to be ‘Wai Rai Sai Samorn’ (starring “Tang” Saksit and “Bee” Namthip) that wasn’t at par with the viewers liking.

If you’re a lakorn fan, let us tell you that in the next year every channel and every station is preparing themselves to bringing the viewers the best lakorns that they can bring. As for what work they will have in the upcoming year? Well you’ll have to follow and watch out for them.

[Source Entertain Teenee/Daily News]

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  1. hi..where can i find engsub of Prajun lai payak…???i’m searching on youtube but only found ep.7 engsub..i want the all part..pleasee tell me thank you ^^

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