Nutt denies helping his sister to escape charges

Today the “Thephassadin” family expressed their sympathy to the victims of the tragic car crash which occurred on the night of the 27th of December when a Honda Civic collided with a mini bus, claiming the lives of 8 passengers.

“Praewa” Orachon Thephassadin Na Yuttaya, the driver of the Honda Civic was alleged to have been speeding at the time of the accident, is the 16 year old younger sister of Socialite/actor “Nutt” Thephassadin Na Ayuttaya. The young driver does not have a driver’s license and was fined a small sum of 400 baht by the police for driving without a license.

Praewa allegedly escaped further charges and is rumoured to have fled overseas.

Her brother, Nutt came forward to deny the claims and revealed his sister is still in Thailand and his family are upset by the incident. Nutt promised that his family will not use their family connections to help Praewa escape charges.

“The news claimed that our family is an aristocratic family and we are using our connections to help my sister. On this I can say that we are not and we are leaving this for the police to deal with according to the law”

“My father used to be in the army, even though he has retired over 10 years ago but his heart is set on justice. Ever since I was a child, I was raised to be disciplined, loyal and I was taught the principles of justice. As for intervening with the law, we haven’t done that. If you had noticed, we’re leaving everything to go according to the law”

“My father said, he is very upset, everyone is upset and my sister is upset also”

“If my sister is at fault, she will get her lesson. Right now we can only wait. The police are still investigating. Some people wonder why we’re so quiet. Well the evidence is still vague and as for me, I was not at the scene of the accident”

“All I can say is, I’m very upset and I’m sad for the families who have lost their loved ones. I understand their feelings. If my sister is at fault, she will get her lesson because she is just an average human being”

“My family is stressed, but we are still conscious and we will solve the problem. What we all feel now is sorrow. We are truly sorry over what has happened and I would rather not say anymore on this”

Source via Manager

The bodies of the passengers who died as a result of the crash

Praewa, after the accident

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