Tanya dubbed "The Murderous Tricking Wife"

Even though she fled all the way to America to escape the swarming pests invading her life, but news about senior actress Tanya Tanyares seems never ending. After being recently dubbed by the media as “The Murderous Tricking Wife”, everyone wanted to know what Tanya thought about it. The actress revealed that she doesn’t think much of it, but it’s better than being dubbed “The Mistress” because she didn’t do anything wrong.

“I already know about it kaa. My friends BB’ed me about it. After reading the name, I think it’s funny. I’m not serious about it because I haven’t murdered anyone yet (laughs). Hearing it right now may be funny. we can laugh about it. But before this when the whole thing first started, I probably wouldn’t like it. But right now, I can accept some things. Living in America with my daughter has made me stronger.”

Are you offended being called “The Murderous Tricking Wife”?

“It’s ok na. It’s better than being called ‘The Mistress’ because I didn’t do anything wrong. But I can assure you that I didn’t murder anyone like the title says.”

This year you are the wife, what about the next year?

“This is enough kaa (laughs). Even now I’m barely picking myself up. It’s hard. It’s just that at this moment, I’m strong enough to continue walking forward.”

Have you ever thought that you would be dubbed in the Top 10 Titles?

“I never thought that I would face this kind of situation. It’s probably because of the scandal of the year and this happens to be the biggest one kaa (laughs).”

Source: Daradaily

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