Pancake says Pae is not a 3rd hand

28th Dec, actress “Pancake” Khemanid Jamikorn spoke to Khaosod News about her ongoing break up rumours with boyfriend “Weir” Sukollawat Kanarot.

The actress revealed the reason why her boyfriend could not accompany her to today’s event is due to their conflicting schedule.

“There’s been ongoing rumours and if you ask if I’m tired of been looked at as fake, I believe I’m the best person to know what’s going on”

“Happiness is self created, therefore I choose to walk in the path of happiness. As for the news claiming that Weir fans are not impressed with me, I feel nothing by that”

“People have the right to love or like whomever they want. Honestly, I should be thanking Weir fans for their support in the past. I’m not upset by the rumours because I choose to be happy”

A reporter asked Pancake about a new allegation claiming her mother had used Weir for promotional gains, Pancake simply denied the claims saying the tabloids are just joining gossips together.

Pancake said she would prefer it if the media would leave her mother out of the news.

On top of her romance trouble with Weir, there is also a rumour of a fling between Pan and her co-star “Pae” Arak.

On this topic, Pan revealed the rumour is probably a result of lakorn fans being too ‘into’ it. And as for the day when she appeared at the launch of his movie ‘Soot Kade Saled Ped’, Pan said Pae invited many of his friends to the launch also. And back when Pan launched her “Teddy House” shop – Pae came to show his support.

“We both work in the Entertainment industry but in different sectors, I think it’s a good thing that we can go to each other’s launches and show moral support to one another”

“Please don’t try to link Pae as a third hand in my relationship. He is in a good place and I was lucky to work with him. But definitely there’s no romance between us”

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