Film to release Pocket Book: Film's moment of truth

After having to endure a string of scandals, “Film” Rattapoom Tohkongsob bids farewell to study abroad at “EC London” for duration of 5 months.

At 10am, 28th Dec, Film arrived at Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport to board Flight TG916 with Thai Airways international. At the airport, a crowd of over 30 fans came to send him off.

“For this trip, at first I was excited, but yesterday I didn’t want to go. For one is because I’m going to get homesick, I sat there and stared and my bedroom and I felt sad. I’m going to be away for 5 months and it’s been such a hassel because in the past, I’m the one who runs the household. I’m the sole provider and I take care of everything. And now that I’m leaving I had to organize all the finances for the next 5 months, it was very difficult. But I didn’t cry or anything”

“Today my parents didn’t come to the airport because they don’t want to be upset. But tomorrow my mom will be following me. She’s going to stay with me for 4 months, she got a visa and she would be able to work too. She’ll probably find something fun to do”

“I’m well prepared for my trip, I’ve got all my old books. I’m afraid when I get there, there might not be any books with any Thai in it. I want to study really hard. As for everything at home, I’m not too worried because I’ve organized everything already and my brother will be home”

“I’ll also be taking singing and dancing lessons as well. As for workwise, I haven’t discussed anything with RS, I want to concentrate on my studies and then talk about work when I get back”

“Will I be bringing home a European girlfriend (laughs) well I like Thai girls, so it’s very unlikely. When I’m over there I will be working on a TV show too, it will be aired in Thailand, kind of like a reality TV Show, on RS channel”

Film denied flying to England to avoid problems in Thailand. The singer also confessed he will be releasing a pocket book “Film’s moment of truth”

“Am I flying to England to avoid problems (laughs) it’s got nothing to do with it. I’ve planned this a long time ago but had to make it earlier than schedule. As for my lawsuit, RS Promotion will be dealing with it. I don’t know anything about it yet. Honestly it doesn’t have anything to do with me. I’m leaving it to the lawyers and there’s nothing to worry about”

“As for my pocket book, if anyone wants to know anymore about me, please read up on it from this book. I wrote this before my monk ordination because I’ve been through a lot. No this book is not going to burn anyone. I wrote this book to criticize myself, not anyone else.”

“I promise I didn’t criticize anyone in my book”

Source via Manager

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