Yaya Urassaya: The Hot Newcomer Nang'ek

She is the hottest rising newcomer since her first lakorn in “Gularb Rai Naam” followed by “Duang Jai Akkhanee”. Right now, young nang’ek Yaya Urassaya Sperbuen is hot not only because of her acting work, but because of her beauty as well. Many guys are even competing with each other to get her attention, hence the reason for the recent news with Alex Randall and Nadej Kukimiya.

The news stated that Alex Randall and Nadej Kukimiya were fighting over Yaya, but both are probably going to be leaving empty handed because the cute nang’ek revealed that they were just friends. She’s really close to Alex because they’ve known each other since high school and they went to college together. She confirms that they are just friends. Plus, both of their parents are friends as well. As for Nadej, that the news said they were flirting with each other, it’s just news for promoting their lakorn.

It is confirmed that her heart is still free because her elders are telling her to not have a boyfriend yet. As for Yaya, she doesn’t want to have one right now either. She just wants to focus on her job and finish school first.

As for all the other guys out there, you still have a chance! You will still see Yaya around doing fashion shoots, especially in the latest issue for Praew, sexy but cute.

Source: Daradaily

3 responses to “Yaya Urassaya: The Hot Newcomer Nang'ek

  1. yaya nd nadech match so much i always think there boyfriend and girlfriend but wish them to be so much i cant wait to go to thailand to see them!!;)LEAVE ALEX RENDALL OUT I DONT LIKE HIM:(

  2. i hope that yadech go to philippines…and make a movie for the pilipino fans…wish me luck…hehehe

  3. OH I can’t believe that 2 men fighting over 1 beautiful women
    I think it true what Yaya said Alex is just a friends but as for Nadech I think Yaya have feeling for him she didn’t complain anything about him and I like it
    Nadech please hold on wait for Yaya
    Your heart is with her
    I love u guys

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