"Pu" Praiya Ignores Those Who Say She's Selling Her Sex Appeal Instead of Abilities

You can say that actress, “Pu” Praiya‘s acting skills has improved even though she doesn’t have the time to accept lakorn work, but only 1 lakorn a year because she has to fly back to England for studies sporadically. No matter what even though she entrusts her work with her fans to admire her work, but that still doesn’t stop the critics from criticizing “Pu” by saying that selling her sex appeal by doing fashion shoots and runway events should be better than selling her acting abilities.

It might be due to the fact that she doesn’t speak Thai fluently and she looks stiff on screen with the style of a westerner which “Pu” said she doesn’t care that much and said that she will try to do her best and improve on her abilities. If Auntie Dang (Khun Dang) from Channel 7 heard this, she would probably be quite pleased with it.

[Source via Gossip Star]

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