"Ae" Pairoht Faints During Documentary Filming in Peru

News emerged when rumors of senior actor, “Ae” Pairoht Sungboribut had passed away suddenly while traveling abroad to film a documentary in Peru on the 24th of December.

His wife, “Ae” Chaiyanin, wife to the senior actor revealed through an e-mail of the incident that had occurred that on the 23rd both had traveled to Peru with the filming crew to document their trip on to find a rare plant that is hard to find in the world. They had traveled to the Amazon and the day the situation occurred on the 23rd they had searched for the rare plant on top of the Andes mountains which is about  4,910 meters above sea level caused the senior actor to have short breaths.

While filming the documentary “Ae” Pairoht’s face looked  pale throughout the whole filming and he forced himself to film the documentary til the end. When he returned back to the hotel he fainted and was unconscious. He had a video camera in his hand and while he was falling the camera fell out of his hand which caused quite a shock to his wife and the filming crew. Everyone rushed in to aid the actor and it was fortunate that the hotel had an oxygen tank and gave it to the actor and saved his life in time.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/INN News]

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