Andrew Cronin Returning Back to T.V. Screen After Drug Case

After news broke out that he was involved with drugs actor, Andrew Cronin has been gone from the screen for quite some time.

Recently Andrew was approached at the “Playboy Party Chic” event and gave a little update on his life and upcoming projects.

“Right now, my life is getting a lot better. Before this, I went to rehabilitate in England for about 2-3 months. You can say I’m blessed that the bosses still merciful towards me. Right now I am taping 4 programs and as for lakorns, I’m still waiting. I want to return back pure like before and accept work normally. As for “that” case, we are still waiting for word. I’m only waiting for the verdict which I believe in my innocence.”

How do you feel that you had to discontinue ‘Neua Manut’?

“I regret it and I’m sorry because it was a role that P’Hor (Siam) gave to me. I have to apologize that I’ve done wrong and lost the opportunity. Causing the production crew to chaos. In the beginning I thought about going into monk-hood again, but my mother told me that becoming a monk so often isn’t good. So, I went to clear my heart and mind abroad.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Khao Sod]

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