Taya Rogers returns to Thailand, talks about boyfriend

Sweet-faced nang’ek Taya Rogers returns to Thailand, revealing upcoming on-screen projects in Thailand and spending New Years with her boyfriend in the United States.

Only back in Thailand for only 10 days for all of her fans to see, Taya Rogers is still hot as ever! Joining the opening for the movie CAT Internet Screens at the Esplanade Cineplex, we took the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her upcoming projects and her relationship with American singer Cove Reber of Saosin.

When did you come back to Thailand?

“I just came back on Saturday kaa. Today, I came to work and 10 days from now I will go back kaa.”

Did you accept any jobs?

“I have the job today, some photoshoots with Praew, and another job with Slimming.”

Coming back to Thailand this time, do you have anything special?

“Honestly, I planned to come for fun and to visit my family, my mom and my dad, and I planned to spend Christmas here with my friends. But since I have work offered here, I wanted to do that too. I can’t not do it. I can’t help myself.”

How long haven’t you been back?

“Ever since the beginning of this year. Before this, the government was having problems. I haven’t been back for a while. I miss it.”

Will you have any lakorn work?

“Probably in another year kaa, in 2011. I plan to film some movies and commercials, anything that I can film, I plan to film them all”

Will you be having any fashion shoots for your fans to see?

“I’m not sure kaa. I don’t know what the concept for Slimming and Praew will be like. Praew should be something about Chinese New Year na kaa.”

How is the work over there?

“It’s good kaa. I take a lot of fashion shoots and a little bit of this and that. I’m trying to learn acting and looking for Indie movies to act in my spare time. I also take pictures for other people.”

Do you have any lakorn or movie works there?

“I try to cast as much work as I can kaa. Last time, I film a series there. I only filmed one episode though.”

Coming back this time, you look darker.

“I shouldn’t na kaa. Usually I’m like this, if not darker. Especially during this time, since it’s winter I don’t get to lay out in the sun kaa.”

How is your love life? Is it still ok like before?

“It’s ok like before kaa. I’m still happy like before.”

Have you asked him to spend Christmas in Thailand?

“He wants to come kaa, but only for 10 days isn’t worth it. It’s probably better for him to spend it with his family. I’m here to spend time with my family.”

It’s still going and happy?

“Still happy like before kaa. No problems kaa.”

What kind of person is he?

“He’s a nice person kaa. He is a hard worker like me. He’s in the industry as well, so he has his own work and I have my own work. He understands that sometimes I’m busy and I have to fly here and there. Our work life is not the same as other people. We don’t get to go to an office. Sometimes I have to film late and he understands.”

When will you bring him to Thailand so we can see?

“I’m hoping for next year kaa. I don’t know if he will have time to come visit Thailand though. He’s been to here before and he likes it a lot. He’s jealous that I’m here and he’s not able to come.”

How long have you guys been together?

“About 2 years.”

Newcomer Yaya looks a lot like you!

“I’ve heard kaa because my friends here have taken pictures of her for me to see. We look a lot alike. She’s really cute kaa.”

Do you think she looks like you?

“I don’t know kaa. She’s really pretty na kaa. She’s really cute kaa.”

How do you feel having someone look like you?

“It’s good kaa. I have another friend.”

Source: Kapook

Picture credits: lime05 @ kaskus.us, hai-online

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