DJ Krit denies having secret clip of Marsha

The battle between DJ Krit and Marsha Wattanapanich is still on going. After the young DJ admitted that he did flirt with another woman, he denied cheating on Marsha and having any secret clip. He reveals that he still loves her and still thinks of her as the first person that he’s ever had the longest relationship with that he thought of marrying.

Even though he made a press release to clear everything, but there are still never ending rumors. Because of this, “Woody Gerd Ma Kui” invited DJ Krit to the show to open his heart about the issue, who cheated on who, as well as the secret clip of Marsha.

Woody: “How do you feel being the celebrity to end the year?”

Krit: “Everyone expects it to be more famous than this, that Khun Marsha and I will be would be revealing anything else. But I apologize for any misunderstanding.”

Woody: “So this means that you guys agreed to separate already?”

Krit: “Well, we tried to solve everything already, but I never thought about breaking up. I thought that we would get married. We already planned it and Khun Paw and Khun Mae already knew about it already, but it didn’t end up that way as you can see.”

Woody: “So you guys agreed to really break up?”

Krit: “We never though of really breaking up, just separating. We tried na. We separated 2-3 long times already. The last time is the longest. We can even use the term of ‘break’.”

Woody: “Was there a third hand?”

Krit: “It’s such a basic thing to ask after a break up. People ask if it’s because of a third hand.”

Woody: “I want to ask you straight-forward. Did you not control yourself?”

Krit: “It’s normal, but it all depends if you’re going to let yourself have a relationship with them. I’ve had moments that I couldn’t control myself, but I have to try and solve my own problems first.”

Woody: “Someone said that you went to a psychic before making the press release.”

Krit: “I did and Khun Marsha did as well. Today, I came to give an interview with ‘Gerd Ma Kui’ I went as well. It’s for a good occasion.”

Woody: “When you guys were still together, did you always get your fortune read?”

Krit: “Our fortune said that we were to break up 4 years ago. That’s why Khun Marsha and I try to learn about it so we can bypass the fortune.”

Woody: “What is the real reason for the break up?”

Krit: “The time now is the truth. We didn’t have time for each other. Many people think that I’m fake na.”

Woody: “When people are boyfriend/girlfriend borrowing money from each other, how is that a big deal?”

Krit: “It is a big deal because people like to partake in the news. Honestly, there was something wrong before that. We crossed each other’s lines. But the news is not true. I have evidence that it is not.”

Woody: “Many people said that you play with black magic, like voodoo dolls.”

Krit: “That’s not true. That’s insane. I’ve never learned about black magic and I personally don’t believe in that kind of stuff. Khun Marsha doesn’t do that as well.”

Woody: “Last week, someone said that you have a secret clip of Marsha.”

Krit: “I don’t have a clip. I’ve never made one. No one has to cheer for it to be a leaked clip. There will be none. Right now, I’m focusing on my business. I have a lot of responsibilities.”

Woody: “What is the learning experience that you’ve gotten?”

Krit: “Khun Marsha and I have been together for 6 full years. We were going to get married. If I was a bad person, we probably couldn’t stay together. Choosing to be with Khun Marsha, I never thought of cheating. Many people have said to expose her back, but there is no way. I will never do anything stupid like that. That is not my personality.”

Woody: “Do you think that you did anything wrong?”

Krit: “No, I didn’t do anything wrong. Please don’t think that it’s something fun. It’s unethical. I really don’t want to hide my thoughts. I understand that people have different ways in thinking, life styles, and occupations. If people are able to control themselves and act on positive things, they will be at a higher level.”

Woody: “Do you still love Marsha?”

Krit: “I still love her, but there are things that don’t allow us to work out. Khun Marsha was the first person that I ever thought of marrying.”

Source: Zupzip

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