Paula and Edward's Thailand Wedding

Paula and Edward Kiss
It was a sweet wedding for Paula Taylor and Edward Buttery at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. The guests included many of the Thai Entertainment industry and all agreed that this wedding was one of the sweetest.

There were questions about the couples feelings and their plans for the future together. Both answered that they were planning to live in two countries, Thailand and England, and travel back and forth. They also commented that they were not ready to produce an heir because Edward has to finish his studies first. After the wedding the couple and both families were heading to Phuket for Christmas and a little honeymoon.

How are you feeling today?

Paula: (smiling) How I am feeling today? Let me tell you that you are the first ones to see me in this dress. I was going to cry while walking here (laughs). I am so excited. You should wear this dress and be sitting here.

Is it different from when you went to the registry office?

Paula: It’s very different because we just signed the certificate. People didn’t have to get dressed up for it but today is like everyone came to see me and Edward become a married couple. There is a positive kind of pressure which is also exciting.

Edward, how did you feel when you first saw Paula in this dress?

Edward: It is certainly the most beautiful I have ever seen Paula. But the most beautiful day I ever saw Paula was certainly the first day we met. But I am definately speechless, she’s so beautiful.

Can you speak Thai?

Paula whispers for him to say that he loves his wife. Edward: I love my wife.

What is the theme for today?

Paula: Actually it is more like a party where everyone is invited to have fun. There will be cake and lots of fun. The whole family is here from both sides and all the friends are here, even some of Edward’s friends.

Are you planning to honeymoon in England?

Paula: We will not be honeymooning yet. We will be going for Christmas and the whole family will be there. Ed has to go back to study and I will be there to make him company. We will probably go for our honeymoon when he finishes his studies mid next year.

Are you going to have children straight away?

Paula: Oh we will wait.

Where will you be living after the wedding?

Paula: Now we will be going to England but I have to come to Thailand to work so I will be travelling back and forth between the countries.

Edward: I am looking forward to be living a very long and happy life with Paula. Life isn’t always easy but spending it with someone who loves you makes it seem less scary. So I am happy because she is amazing.

Paula: Tomorrow we are going to Phuket for Christmas and on the 27th December we are going to England. Endward has to study and I will be looking for houses. Mid January I will have to come back for work.

Edward, what is it you like about Thailand?

Edward: I want to thank you all for coming here because it shows your support for Paula. If it wasn’t for your support Pula wouldn’t be where she is now. So thank you very much.

Paula: I want to thank you too.

Have you gotten used to the word husband and wife?

Paula: Not at all, in the last couple of days when we see each other I think ‘hey my husband’ (laughs) but it is so weird.

The first time you met, how did you feel when you knew this was it?

Paula: It is so hard to explain, there are no words. It’s like in the movies. It was love at first sight, there are no words to explain the feelings.

Edward: When you meet a woman and you instantly know she is going to be your wife. You might have a list of things you look for in a wife but when you find the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, it does not matter if she has all those qualities. The feelings are all new. The first time I met Paula was because her sister wanted me to meet her and she said I have to meet Paula when she comes. When I saw Paula I knew why the sister said that because when Paula smiles it’s just amazing. (laughs)

Edward, are you ready to lose your private life, because Paula is a public figure?

Edward: It’s still strange, now you are all taking pictures of her and I am thinking why? It is something I have to get used to. At the moment I am still speechless but I will have to accept it because I know it’s her job.

Did you make any promises when you got engaged?

Paula: We have talked about how we have not spent so much time living together. We have been together for one and a half years so we are still getting to know one another. Yet there will be no day when we will be going our separate ways, we will go through with this. We will get to know each other our whole lives without an end to it.

Sources: Dara Daily and Khan Pak

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