Chakrit has difficulties reading scripts


Leading actor Chakrit Yamnam has been in the entertainment industry for a long time now. He has worked on many lakorns and movies, yet he cannot read scripts in Thai by himself. Chakrit confesses that his Thai has improved, he can read it by himself without the need for karaoke phonetic language but that he still cannot write Thai. He uses understanding and memorizing for his scripts.

Is it true that to this day you can’t read your scripts in Thai and need karaoke language?

“I can now but I read slow, not too fast. I still can’t write but I can read. I read my scripts in Thai and if I stumble I have to start from the beginning but by then I can guess what I have to say. I do get some karaoke language, some words and some expressions. If I don’t understand something I just ask. Especially with old expressions that are commonly used in the sitcom “Pen Tor”. I ask what they mean and when I understand it I memorize it.”

Is this an obstacle for you when remembering scripts?

“Not really. I get someone else to read it and I just need to memorize it. Luckily I have a good memory. Once read I just need to understand it all. It is possible to work this way and the result is what you have seen so far.”

Source Daradaily

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