Dan Worrawech not confident enough for international career

Singer “Dan” Worrawech Danuwong does not feel ready to start an international career in fear that he will not be successful. His record label, Sony Thailand, had already made plans for Dan to go Asia-wide but Dan has confessed that he is not ready in many aspects.

“I don’t want to start an  international career that much. I have spoken about it many times with my label and I have told them that with all the work I have here in Thailand I can’t go anywhere. If you decide to go abroad you will have to go for a long time because learning the language already takes years. So I said that I wouldn’t be able to do it.”

What country did Sony want you to go to first?

“In an Asian country at first, around China or Korea, and then I would also have to learn Chinese. At the moment I do not feel ready. If I go I have to feel more confident about it.

If you ask me whether I feel like I have missed an opportunity, I think I haven’t.  Succeeding is not about having an international career, it’s about the work I do and if people like it.”

Is the other work you have, such as producing a lakorn, the reason you are not ready?

“I feel like I have not reached my limits here in Thailand. I might have reached a limit with my singing career but there are still other challenges, like being the producer for another artist or directing a movie and lakorn. I don’t think I have that amount of time because going international would mean I would have to learn more dancing and music and so on. I also don’t want to go and embarrass myself in other countries.”

Aren’t you afraid that you might not get this opportunity once you get older?

“If I get too old I will not go. I am not following anything.”

Source via Khaosod

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