Tuk and Sai open up about speculation in abortion scandal

After authorities arrested Ms. Runchakorn Juntomanat, former medical assistant, on November 17th for being involved in illegal abortions, many famous celebrities have been speculated for having abortions such as: Nat Myria Benedetti, Tuk Bongkotch Kongmalai, Sai Charoenupura, Ploy Chermarn Boonyasak, and many more. Upon her arrest, Ms. Runchakorn revealed that famous actresses whose name starts with “Th” (ต) and “T” (ท) and model whose name starts with “N” (น) have used their abortion service.

As mentioned in previous articles, nang’eks Tuk Bongkot Kongmalai and Sai Charoenupura have been much speculated due to the recent statement that Ms. Runchakorn revealed upon her arrest. Actress Tuk Bongkot is the assumed actress for the name starting with “Th” (ต), her Thai name spelling as “ตั๊ก-บงกช”. On the other hand, Sai Charoenupura is the other assumed actress for the name starting with “T” (ท) and her Thai name spelling as “ทราย เจริญปุระ”.

On the afternoon of November 18th, reporters from Siamdara were able to contact Tuk through telephone regarding the issue of nang’ek “Th” (ต).  When asked if she has ever gotten an abortion, the sexy nang’ek denies it and reassures us that she is not involved in any illegal abortions and have never gotten one. She reveals that if she would ever do such thing, she would do it in a foreign country, but, in any case, she has never thought about doing such thing. Even if she were pregnant without a father, she said that it’s better to have a job than to get an abortion and ruin her future.

“Lets say that I need to get an abortion, I’d rather go to another country in order to protect my reputation. I am a celebrity. If I were to walk into a place like that, people would definitely remember my face. Lets say I was really pregnant, I would never get an abortion. Even though I would be pregnant without a father, it’s ok. I believe that I would still have the opportunity to continue working. But if I were to get an abortion and get arrested, my future would definitely be ruined. The day before yesterday, my friend went on the internet and saw a picture of me linked to this ordeal. I told them that the reason I’m pulled into this scandal is because I’m a celebrity. Things that are bad are always thrown at me.”

Are you upset for being dragged into this scandal?

“When I first found out that I was being dragged into this scandal, I felt upset. If Thai people believe in sacred things, I am willing to make a promise in front of Pra Kao Morakot Buddha so reporters can take pictures of me if they believe I’m lying. On the other hand, I’m happy that my mom believes I’m not that type of person and that I didn’t get an abortion. Because, if I ever decide to do anything, I would have to tell my mom first. I would definitely not sneak out and do it on my own. The things that they are saying are things that can not be proved. If people think that I’m saying all of this to cover up my fault or think that what I supposedly did was right, I have a reputation. Especially right now, I’m filming ‘Mae Naak’ where there’s a scene that I’m holding my child. Are people misunderstanding that scene? Da Jim and I broke up for 8 years now. If I really did that, there would be news about it already. And the clinic that was mentioned just opened not too long ago, so it isn’t even possible.”

Do you have any plans to sue?

“I can forgive them, they’ll probably going to receive a lot of bad karma. I saw the pictures of the dead fetuses already and I feel really sad for them. Those famous people who have reputations are losing on both ends. Even p’Day Thaitanium, who is a Christian, made news that he took a young girl to get an abortion. People may see me as a person who is straight-forward and harsh and had many boyfriends, but I’m not stupid enough to have unprotected sex kaa.”

“This is the most harsh news that I’ve ever been faced with. There’s probably nothing more harsh than this. I have a child to this day that I adopted. Her name is Nong Waanyen. Her mother asked me for money before to get an abortion, but my mom and I were able to stop her. We asked her to wait until the baby was born and we would adopt them ourselves. Everyday, I am happy to I am able to take care of the child that I adopted. I love her and I’m very protective of her. It even makes me think about not having a boyfriend/husband.”

As for actress Sai Charoenupura regarding the issue of nang’ek “T” (ท), who only issued a short statement, stated that

“I’m very confused kaa. Everyone knows that I don’t have a boyfriend, so how could I get pregnant? But if we talk about this right now when I have a boyfriend, he might get upset. Right now, for the most part, I don’t really care. I don’t even know of the places kaa. It’s probably because no names where being publicized, that’s why people probably think of my name kaa. I probably wouldn’t think of doing something bad like that myself kaa. Where ever I go, people would already see me. Abortion is already something that is terrible. People are in the wrong from the moment they didn’t protect themselves. There’s protection, but people don’t use it. Then, they go and get an abortion. It is the wrong way out. It’s not me kaa.”

Source: Siamdara

Picture credit: Kapook, Zabjung, Hi-happy

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