Ploy's Appearance Has Events Willing To Up Their Price For Her!

Becoming the #1 most demanded actress at events, “Ploy” Chermarn Boonyasak was rumored that in order for her to make an appearance at random events, event planners are willing to up their price just to get Ploy! It was said that Ploy has swept up at least in the millions home every month. You can say it’s the price during her spare time from Channel 3 as they are getting ready to prepare 2-3 lakorns for the actress in the next year. On the other end, there are a lot of movie offers that are waiting in line for her.

Well…you can say that it is Ploy’s golden year and it will exceed into the next year making it another golden year for he actress. Ploy squeezes in with other demanded actresses such as, “Aump” Patcharapa, “Pancake” Khemmanit, and “Chompoo” Araya A. Hartgett. As for love, we don’t need to talk about it. Even when there was an obstruction, Ploy flicked it away.

[Source via Gossipstar]

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