Ploy Cherman sponsoring a 7 month old baby!

Superstar “Ploy” Cherman Boonyasak admits that she has a child already. She is currently sponsoring a child and paying for the the child to go to school. Ploy explains,

“Khun Mae asked me to sponsor a child, so I tried it. I only pay 450 baht a month per person, which isn’t hard for me at all. Each month they would deduct the amount out of my bank account and they would have a report for me telling me how the child is doing. Lets just say that I will be informed of anything regarding the child. Right now, I’m sponsoring a 7 month old baby. I feel good being able to give and share with other human beings kaa.”

Do you have any plans with your sweetheart Navin Tar this new year?

“I will be staying in Bangkok with my family kaa. During the night, I might have a party with my friends at home. Lets just say that I will have my friends help me prepare my new house.”

“As for p’Tar, will have to keep cheering for him to come back the end of this year. I don’t know if he can because he has to work on his thesis. It will have to be up to his Professor. He might now be able to come back during the new year, but I’m not too serious about it because I already have plans with my family and friends kaa.”

Source: Entertain Teenee/Khaosod

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