Paula raves about marriage life and being Mrs. Buttery!

Her wedding day was like that of the movies, no flaws. Today, she raves to us about her marriage life and reveals that the hubby is not yet ready to have an heir. She also adds that her wedding in Thailand will be on December 22nd this year and that she will continue working in the industry.

Announcing her marriage to Edward Buttery, halfie actress Paula Taylor breaks hearts all over the country. Paula declares that their marriage is official and lawfully accurate…

“I went to sign my marriage certificate in Hong Kong kaa. It’s really exciting. It’s probably because I feel like I’m all grown up now (smiles). The atmosphere that day can be written as #1 na. I would have never though. The groom was already waiting, but the bride didn’t come yet. The coordinator told me that I had 5 minutes left na and if the bride didn’t come, then they would have to skip my part and give it to someone else. But in reality, I was all ready. I already had my hair done and my dress on. I was just standing and waiting near the street, but no car came to pick me up. There was no car to pick me up at all. At the end, I had to ride in a taxi and run. All my bridesmaids and I had to take off our shoes and run. We all held onto our dresses and ran as fast as we can (laughs).”

“There was a lot of things that went wrong, but in the end it was all really fun. I has to switch with the person who was going to get married after me. I just asked her if I can get married first na (laughs). Right now, I’m Paula Taylor Buttery. When the ceremony started, it was very exciting. They would have a piece of paper for me to read out loud. It basically said that ‘I, Paula Taylor, take Edward Buttery as my lawfully wedded husband’. I was so excited I read things right and wrong. And when I put the ring on him, it was so exciting.”

Has your life changed? Did it change instantly?

“The sky is still the same color na (laughs). I don’t know, I’m still waiting to see if there will be any changes. I just hope that it doesn’t change too much. Right now, everything is still good kaa. But it’s sweeter than before na. We are both still excited (laughs).”

As for their wedding in Thailand, it will be held at Oriental Hotel on December 22nd of 2010. This wedding will be in a different style. Paula continues to explain that is currently not ready to have a baby, but is ready continue working industry like before and has no intentions of leaving.

“The date for the wedding is still on the 22nd kaa. After the wedding, my work will still be the same kaa.”

Will you still be accepting a lot of work like before?

“I will still be filming a lakorn in the beginning of the year. I will be filming a sitcom as well. I will still probably continue to film like usual. As for a baby, Ed does want to have one, but I want to wait first (laughs). I don’t know in how many years kaa. All my friends that are married (me and Nana) are pressuring each other to see who will be the next one. I don’t know who it will be. Everyone is looking at each other with a pokerface, so I don’t know.”

Source: Daradaily

Picture credits to: Janie Tienposuwan and Nana

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