"Pat" Says There Are No Problems Pairing Up With A Younger Co-Star

Even though they are 4 years apart, actress, “Pat” Napapa Tantrakoon believes that it wouldn’t cause much of a problem for her and co-star (whom she’ll be paired up with) Alex Rendell in the lakorn, ‘Sapai…Mai Rai Sak-Di Naa’.

Pat revealed, “In the lakorn, I play as the daughter of  P’Benz Ponchitha. See in ‘Sapai…Rai Sak-Di Naa’, P’Benz was married and had a child already in the ending, which is my character. So, my grandmother raises me and spoils me until I become a spoiled child than P’Benz sends the daughter off to reform her behavior.”

In this lakorn, you’re paired up with Alex? “Really, I got to co-star with Alex in the lakorn, ‘Saam Hua Jai’ before and when I found out Alex will be in it, I was excited. I can catch his corner and he can catch mine (referring to acting).”

How about the age difference? “I’m not that old. We’re only 4 years apart. It evens out. I’m as young as him (laughs).”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Khaosod]

[Image via Dara Daily]

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