"Mak" Erases His Pretty Boy Persona For Action

Crossing over from the “pretty boy” persona to take on another persona as an action star, “Mak” Prin Suparat gives his all in the upcoming lakorn, ‘Tawan Deuat’.

Mak revealed, “This lakorn is in a cowboy style. He’s a very still person, but he’s a hot headed person inside because he has to get revenge for his parents. You can say that it’s a turning of characters from the pretty boy. In this lakorn I get to go all action. P’Nok Chatchai enrolled me in fighting courses, acting classes, and even horseback riding lessons. I had to be in moderately fit shape. I had to give my all to the fullest.”

Are you afraid you will miss your queue with the bomb effects team? “I’m not afraid because I had never met with danger in this department, so my heart is still a fighter.”

How much expectations do you have for your first action lakorn? “I have much expectations for it and for it being P’Nok Chatchai’s lakorn and having P’Num Attapon as director, so I want to do my best.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Khaosod]

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