Janie sad, friends are getting married!


Janie Tienpohsuwan flew to join Paula Taylor‘s romantic wedding that made her complain that she wants to have a boyfriend like everyone else. She stated,

“Usually, when I go to weddings there are reporters. They will take a lot of pictures, but this time we (the guests) are the reporters. We took the pictures ourselves. When Paula and Edward swore and got married, my eyes started to water.”

The groom’s friends didn’t flirt with you at all?

“Not at all. I couldn’t sell. (laughs) No one was getting pursued  because we already know everyone that is here.”

Anyone approaching you at all?

“There are some, but I don’t really talk to anyone. I think I’m afraid, because of my (old) age. I’m afraid if it’s good or not. I’m afraid of starting a relationship because I haven’t been in a relationship for quiet a while.”

Are your friends slowly getting married?

“Please don’t repeat it. (laughs) Look, I’m crying. And I’m complaining to my friends that I cannot take this. I would like to have a boyfriend.”

What types of guys are you interested in?

“I don’t know. It just clicks when I see someone.”

Is it because you have a lot of news with guys, so the guys are not brave enough to approach you?

“I think no one really cares about that. When someone does approach me, they don’t really ask me about that sort of thing. Everyone that approaches me already knows that I don’t have anyone right now.”

Source: Thairath


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